Enchanted christmas- Hallmark movie

I give it a 2/10.

It is an extremely boring movie, it did not hold my attention, even when it was playing in the background I wanted it to just be over.This Christmas seems all about second chances with hallmark.

Alexa penavaga plays Laura. Her real-life husband, Carlos penavaga plays Ricardo, the love interest. he is really handsome and charming but they have no chemistry in the movie. K.danor Gerald plays ed, the foreman and he really shines through even with a tiny role.

I would not recommend this one.


The sweetest christmas – hallmark movie

I am gonna give it a 9/10. I really liked this movie and it is a good movie.

I love the soundtrack of this movie.

Lacey Chabert’s  hallmark movies are the good ones. It is fun to watch a Christmas movie revolving around desserts.Lacey Chabert plays Kylie well. She has played a chef in many movies before and is quite suitable for the part. she is pleasant and perfect. Lea Coco plays Nick.Their chemistry is amazing. It is adorable. Brenden Sunderland plays Bobby is so cute and talented. jonathan Adams plays ralfie and it is nice to see him in a Hallmark movie, he brings humor and sass to the movie. Lane Edwards plays his character, Alex, well. it is a good mix of actors, editors, director, and writer, everyone really, there are very few times a hallmark movie leaves an impression and I really liked this one.

Its one of those good movies this year. If you enjoy watching Christmas hallmark movies, then this you have got to watch.

an ex for Christmas- Book

I liked the book. I was looking for something light to read and this was perfect. Its very similar to what’s your number, but I found it better than the romcom.

It’s fun to read during the holidays, it has a lot of holiday stuff and it made me play a lot of Christmas songs.  This was my first Layne book, an easy read, she really got the characters and details of everything right, although I wish there was more than one chapter with Mark’s PoV. I identify with Kelly, being a superstitious Gemini myself but It was Mark that had me in love with this book. Kelly’s happy attitude is fun to read but Mark is a character I really liked, he is sweet and super caring.

Its a quick and adorable read for this time of the year.


I gave it a 9/10.

Damnation is based on the 1930s in Iowa in the US. It starts with the American depression and farmer s strike. Was it really that easy to kill people in the country back then?

The background score is good. The cast has a great hold on accents and costumes. all of the cast is extremely talented.

Killian scott does an impressive job as the agitating preacher. sarah jones acts well.  Logan marshall-green plays the strikebreaker and brings color to this show. This show brings an insight into the frustrated world of the 30s. The show is interesting and commands your attention since if you miss a few scenes you shall be left confused. it ends with an amazing twist and well if you are into this genre of shows, you are going to love this one.

If you enjoy violent,dark historic shows, you might wanna give this one a try.

christmas festival of ice- Hallmark movie

I gave it a 4/10.

it is exciting to start with hallmark’s yearly Christmas movies. They always bring more Christmas joy around for me. This year’s movies have more promise than last year’s hallmark originals.

taylor cole is a hallmark regular who plays Emma. Damon Runyan plays Nick, the couple is very sweet and their scenes adorable, but the movie is basically boring and can be seen in the passing. Gianpaolo venuta who plays Lonny is extremely cute.

I miss the old hallmark movies, they used to be interesting movies and now they are just tv movies that are not worth watching again and do not even command all our attention. the best friend is really cute.

the movie starts to pick up eventually and Emma’s quest is fun to watch, as to how she comes up with it and succeeds. the suspense that they have tried to build is very obvious from the beginning. the movie has a lot going on other than Christmas and except mention a few merry Christmases and the ice sculpture competition and many many decorations, the movie lacks the Christmas spirit.  the ending was quite a pleasant surprise. it is a good movie when compared to last year’s Christmas movies, worth watching if you want to start with the Christmas movies.


Ittefaq- Movie review

A movie by red chilies entertainment and dharma had my hopes high. It is a typical thriller, the soundtrack and storyline are typical of what is expected. This movie is inspired from an older movie but is nothing like it.

It is nice to see Akshay Khanna as a cop, He portrays it very well. The movie starts well but into the investigation, it starts getting slightly slow. Mandira bedi is a pleasant surprise. It is always splendid to watch her. The movie is not realistic at all legally. The havaldar has good comic timing and brings humor into this movie. They have tried to incorporate humor at a lot of places but failed mostly. Although the movie is a time pass like you do not get bored while watching it, it is slow and without any twists but cool to watch if you are in the mood for a movie. They keep dragging the movie and showing us new information but nothing that shocks or surprises us till the climax. This movie may not be epic but it is not boring either. Nitin Baid has done a good enough job with its editing.

it is sadly a low standard to hold a movie but in today’s cinema where no-brainers and silly movies are such hits, one that surprises is rare and welcome.

Still from Ittefaq


Falling for Vermont – Hallmark Movie

I gave it  3.5/10.

I was really excited for a new Hallmark movie, its fall season after all.

the movie starts with the usual hallmark way, good music, and an overworked character.hallmark movies have all very similar background scores, pleasant and the same. The background score is good.this movie seems to be edited and directed well by David winning. the actors do not stand out, its like anybody could have done this. Julia Gonzalo and benjamin ayres play the leads and have no chemistry. Julia is still fun to watch but Benjamin is just a sore.

The movie is quite slow but picks up towards the end.

this movie brings a different outlook towards writer’s who write for the love of writing and not popularity.its a little slow paced and not as much fun watching.are small town people really that friendly? it would be fun to visit and enjoy a typical fall fest someday.

Nostalgic anyone?

Life is so unique. It takes us back to eras that we did not live through yet watching something from the 60s makes us think of the simplicity of the life then, the honor, the vows, the difficulties faced by the people who lived then, it makes us amazed at the advancement in this world. how forward people are, how astounding science and medicine is, how easier travel is.

just watching Parineeta last night, made me feel so nostalgic for my childhood spent in Kolkata, for the Durga pooja I wanted to attend in Kolkata, for a time gone by, for music that touches your soul, for a movie that is genuinely good.

Bengalis do know how to do things, whether it be stories or sweets.

Drunk Dial by Penelope ward

I really liked this book.

The book and the story are unexpected. I have always liked Ward’s writing, she writes stories you remember. Her characters are unique and unexpected, her romance is filled with notes and messages, this is similar to her other books but yet different. Its pleasant, exciting and a good book to curl up with if you have liked Ward’s earlier writings. Drunk dial is a must read for this genre, so much fun and happiness is filled in this book. ward is officially one of my fave readers, she creates such an amazing experience, her writing is so beautiful, i am transported to the places, experiences, and situations of the book. Ward is immensely talented.there are many twists in the book you just dont see coming but they are handled well. its a really great book. every book of Ward is a masterpiece i feel. she is such an amazing writer.

rahna is a great character, she is simply amazing, funny, smart just brilliant. rahna and Landon’s chemistry is sizzling, funny, cute and extremely realistic. its like reading a conversation between two real people.
Landon’s character is realistic and different. He is an upstanding guy, someone who makes me reflect that everyone has flaws, you have to accept people as they are, have love in your heart and go with everything else.

This book touches many topics that are rarely written about, Ward’s writing is magical. she really knows what she is doing, her books are always worth reading.

The Hitman’s Bodyguard

I gave this movie a 5/10.

Samuel Jackson is hilarious. Honestly, if you watch this movie, just watch it for him, his timing, expressions, everything is amazing. He is the star of this movie. Elodie Yung is cool as an Interpol agent, not as cold as we expect agents to be but she plays the part ohkay. Salma Hayek is a surprising delight to watch, she is bad ass and awesome. Ryan and Samuel have great chemistry and it is fun to watch them have it out.

It’s a senseless comedy which does make you laugh in some scenes, The background score and music selection is amazing. this movie does entertain you.  The premise itself is quite interesting with a hitman getting a bodyguard. A lot of the computer assisted scenes are very apparent and that takes away the quality of the movie.

The movie is funny in a mindless kind of way.