Do you feel lucky?

We are a blessed and special species that is alive right now right here. We can walk to the grocery store and buy fruits from another state, flowers from another continent and technology developed in another country. We live in times where publishing a book is so easy and getting reading material easier, a world where beds are soft and traveling easy. The world was so different when few people knew more than their mother tongue, only scholars could read, a world before we could talk, walk, before you and I were born.

Before you were human, you were a sperm, living happily playing with fellow sperms, one lucky day you raced and won and met an egg and nine months later, voila, you were born. So many people had to meet, make love and survive for you to be alive right now, for you to exist.

We are lucky to have a life where we can choose to love and believe in magic, where we can grow our own food and build marvelous structures, where we can style ourselves and our homes, where we can read books and magazines, read horoscopes and throw parties, watch horror flicks and attend concerts. We have buffets and radio, weddings and roller coasters, boats and movies, cakes and pools, Nutella and nail paints.

We live in a universe which has stars that are billions of years old, and we only get a 100 years to live. Every single person you know might not be alive in 2118, your family, friends, colleagues, your watchman, mailman, teachers, the politicians and actors that you know now will all have been replaced by a new generation.

We get to enjoy life in a fleeting moment. You are at your youngest right this second. We should be grateful to be alive right now, so think of your ancestors and marvel at the world, rejoice in life and go on adventures. Find joy in the simple things, be an optimist, smile when you walk and dance when you want.

Live a Life of wild thoughts, crazy dreams, and unlimited laughter.


Who is a National Hero?

Who do you consider a National Hero?

How many soldiers have you met and immediately respected them? How many elders have you met who fought for India independence?

We all are aware of a handful of freedom fighters, but what about the rest? India’s independence was a collective effort by the public under the guidance of spectacular leaders, we worship the leaders but aren’t the followers who fought worthy of some respect and recognition as well? After all, all these people fought together, above all propaganda for their love for India trumped everything.

Sure, Many who are alive now have received accolades from the President, but how many have received anything from the society they helped create?

News channels spend hours on showcasing insubstantial news with regards to Cinema rumors and mythological theories but why aren’t the plights of forgotten freedom fighters aired? Why don’t people know about the freedom fighters and their families that were brought in from Myanmar to India but had to live lives of destitute here, how they still after decades are not welcome and accepted in the society in Tamil Nadu where most of them settled, how some, when tried to go back to Myanmar, was imprisoned there for over a year and then brought back to India and jailed here for over 6 years along with kids and women.

The government provides quite some facilities and provisions for ex-freedom fighters and their families, there is a quota in the education system, there is pension, but the freedom fighters that came from parts that are now different countries like Pakistan and Burma had to flee for their lives and could not carry any documents with them, so their families are not recognised by the government. The BJP in its earlier reign had even stopped the pension of some senior citizens and Congress under Manmohan Singh had reissued it after years.

Our country was formed on the backs of individuals who were commoners turned into soldiers, they deserve to be taken care of by the government they helped bring to power.




Is true love difficult? do you love anyone selflessly enough to forgive, forget and sacrifice everything and anything for them?

In today’s world Love, pure unadulterated love is rare, maybe something somewhere a mother feels for her child or someone loves themselves with that extent, but to love another human being with so much purity and expanse is rare.

There is so much we sacrifice for the people we love, sometimes our integrity, sometimes our self-respect, sometimes we tolerate things we never thought we would, we accommodate negative feelings because we care, but shouldn’t love uplift us? shouldn’t we feel joy when we love and not resentment ever? why climb a mountain to see a dump right?

climb a mountain to see the vastness of beauty, to elevate yourself.

Love, spread it all around you, give love even when you don’t receive it, as you may not get it from the same person, but I do believe the universe brings back more of what you give out.

christmas princess – UP Movie

I would give it an 8.5/10.

The movie was slow in the beginning and felt like a documentary, it is based on true events, it is extremely realistic.  the movie shows a simple life, usual stories but it is well executed. it feels so real. all the actors have done a remarkable job. there are some extremely joyful moments and some quite sad. this movie is worth watching this christmas, it is something unique. it makes you think and feel grateful for your family and blessed life.

Nicole Munoz plays Donaly and Donaly’s character is shown to have had such a hard life, it makes me feel so grateful for mine. She does a remarkable job. Jaiden Siewert is sweet playing Abraham the little brother. lina Renna is adorable playing the younger donaly, she is extremely talented. paloma Kwiatkowski plays Chloe and is the ever supporting best friend. The casting is pretty fresh and open-minded.

“just because you share DNA with someone, does not mean you shall make the same choices as them.”

“you are the architect of your own future.”

the movie is very well edited. direction by Allan Harman is impressive. this movie depicts family, strength, and situations we don’t usually fathom. it is beautifully made and a breath of fresh air to watch something other than the usual.

Christmas in evergreen – hallmark movie

I give it a 4.5/10.

A small town Christmas💖 it is so hallmarked and christmasy. Small town myths and traditions are so cute. It always makes me wonder if small towns are really like that. There is something about hallmark movies that makes you feel like Christmas, they just get it right. Their movies are family friendly and the ambiance is perfect.

The location is amazing.the town of evergreen itself feels like Christmas. The movie is not as good as the previous hallmark movies but its good to play in the background. This movie basically brings you Christmas, it has the vibe, the production, and the activities. It is all about Christmas magic and hence the lack of depth isnt very disappointing.

It is nice to see Lynda Boyd who plays Barbara. Jaeda lily miller plays Zoe and is a talented young actress. She is extremely adorable. Good direction by Alex zamm. Ashley Williams plays Allie and teddy sears plays Ryan. They are cute together but their romance seems forced. All of the cast plays their parts pleasantly.Rick has written a story that is slightly unpredictable which is refreshing.

Watch this trailer for Christmas in Evergreen movie and tell us if you like this ‘snowed-in’ story of Allie and Ryan.

Four christmases and a wedding – lifetime movie

I give it a 1.5/10.

Lifetime has gorgeous productions. But it lacks a certain Christmas flamboyance. The movie has every Christmas decor imaginable but from the beginning, the Christmas excitement lacks.

Arielle Kebbell plays Chloe and is a delight although she overacts and results in her character not being charming. Madison Smith plays Ted and he is sweet and handsome. Madison and Arielle have a sweet chemistry in the beginning but it fades eventually. Courtney Richter plays Kate and is beautiful. A movie with her in the lead would be amazing.

The soundtrack is fun.Lifetime movies are a tad bit too long. They really should make them shorter.the movie is quite boring and I had to force myself to watch it. The end is really nice. The movie does take some inspiration from Four Weddings and a funeral and not just with the name.

The movie really is not worth sitting and watching, you could easily find a better Christmas movie.

“These are my walking shoes, I’ll be fine – Rachelle”

Hooking up by Helena Hunting

I enjoyed the book. This is my first Helena Hunting book and i must say i am going to be reading more from her.

A lot of the characters felt real and likeable, characteristics, situations seemed realistic. Everything added up and the timeline felt realistic. There is super hotness in this book along with sweet moments. I must say this book is not what i expected but it was a welcome surprise. Armstrong truly is a horrible incorrigible human being. Amie was sweet, Lex was a complex character, he came across as different in Amie’s narrations and different when the narration was from his POV. I loved ruby and bane and will be reading Shacking up that came before this book and revolves around their story. The scenes between Lex and Amie are consuming and tender. I understand how sometimes we do not listen to our intuition and end up with the wrong person, only to realize our mistake and end up with a scar that remains for life.

“We have a couple of options.”
“Whatever is easiest and quickest. I want this over with as soon as possible.”
“Divorce could be quick.”
I flinch — divorce is such an ugly word in our world. “He cheated on me less than twelve hours into our marriage. It hasn’t and won’t ever be consummated.”
He clears his throat and taps his pen on the table. “Right. Okay. So we’ll proceed with the annulment, which is option two. We’ll cite it as fraudulent, since he entered the marriage without the intention of upholding fidelity.”
I snort. “That’s a nice way of putting it. Is there an option three?”
“Hire a hitman and dump the body in the river, but there’s a lot of loose ends there and it’s sort of a legal nightmare.”
I smile at his horrible attempt at legal humor.
“Let’s go with option two, shall we?”

I really liked Lex’s tattoo.


switched for christmas- Hallmark Movie

I would give it an easy 8.5/10.

Candace Cameron Bure usually has some really good Christmas movies.candace plays both characters of Chris and Kate really well, she is quite talented. Greg played by Adam Sinclair is charming and handsome, I would love to see him in more movies. tom played by Eion Bailey is a delight. this movie has a good star cast and a fun story. I really enjoyed this movie.the kids are sweet and talented. Lee Friedlander and Tracy Andreen have written a light pleasant movie. Lee has done a well enough job with the direction.

the music score is amazing for this movie, so is the cinematography.the production is gorgeous, it finally makes me feel like Christmas is here. Hallmark Christmas movies are a must, they are a part of Christmas. nobody does Christmas like hallmark.this whole the parent trap thing with Christmas threw in is is different and enjoyable.the movie is funny, pleasant, cheery and a good Christmas movie. after watching a few not so good Christmas movies, I loved this one. it reminds me why I enjoy Hallmark Christmas movies. Candace is the star of this movie and the reason why it is so likable.







A very merry toy story- Lifetime movie

I would give it a 2/10.

The background score for this lifetime movie is really good, it brings all sorts of Christmas feels. the movie begins slow.

melissa joan hart is fun to watch.the sibling love between randy and Connie played by Melissa and dan amboyer is sweet to watch.Billy Gardell plays Roy and it is nice to watch him in a Christmas movie.

there are a few funny scenes.the movie basically has no story, even with an impressive cast, the movie is boring and falls flat.the production is beautiful but the screenplay, direction, everything lacks. its a slow movie without fun, chemistry, and a movies are better when they are light and fun, with so much unnecessary drama, this movie really does not bring in the happy Christmas feel.

Wrapped up in christmas – Lifetime movie

I would give it a 2/10.

The story setting is different. The casting is refreshing. The movie is sweet and charming. A light romance with christmas in the backdrop.

Ashley Santos plays Diane and is gorgeous. There is no chemistry between the lead pair played by Tatyana Ali and Brendan Fehr. The movie progresses slow and gets too boring halfway. This movie is not one for the books. Its best avoided. The background music is amazing. But it does not feel like Christmas nor is it too entertaining.