Tanhaiyan Hotstar series

I gave it an 8/10.

I watched it last night, in one sitting, it is interesting and catchy, the background score is great, surbhi Jyoti is amazing, the costumes are wow, and the characters are okay, predictable and stereotypical but well executed. The sets are magnificent, and the quality of the production is movie like. The run time is 2 hours 15 mins, and I feel this is basically a movie presented as a series, there is a song, heartbreak, and a good enough story. Barun sobti as haider is handsome, charming, loved the way he performed his dialogues, he is not a good actor, and you can see that during his more emotional scenes. Surbhi Jyoti is amazing, she brought the whole thing alive, she is immensely talented. I have been looking forward to this show for months and well after finally watching it last night, it was splendid, we need more such series. Hotstar’s quality is the best, their servers are fantastic, it would not have been as much fun watching it on tv as it was watching it on hotstar. Gul Khan has done a fantabulous job on the production and Gorky m. has directed it well.

You just can’t stop watching after one episode, it keeps you hanging, the dialogues between haider and Meera are full of sass and keep you hooked.The casting is perfect, there is no mystery or twist involved, you can pretty much guess the end after a few episodes.I loved how death , its pain, and guilt are portrayed here. Meera’s character is wow, she is amazing.

This show leaves you with a smile and satisfaction.The series is very well edited and executed. its like a team of gems came together to make this show, although the dance sequence could have been avoided, it was badly choreographed, the song was a waste, the singing scene, where Meera sings for everyone was crucial to the storyline but again could have been better, these were my fast forward places.

If you feel like watching a hindi MODERN ROMANTIC DRAMA , GO FOR THIS. its a 21st century love story, portraying everything we go through.


White Shirt- A short Film

This short film stars Kritika Kamra and Kunal Kapoor. It has been directed by Sumeet Aroraa.

I stumbled upon it in the trending column of youtube and decided to late night watch it as it’s only 18mins long. It is a sweet and simple tale, well executed and greatly acted in. The actors are believable and talented, the direction is well enough. It is a sweet story to watch to pass your time, it’s available for free on youtube, if you want to kill 15 mins watching something good? This is it. The subtitles are useless and badly done. The background score is excellent. Kritika’s character vani is shown to be sad throughout, but she starts to find her own in the end, I like the way she eventually stood up for herself and moved on. Kunal’s character avik is sort of a dick.

It is a different film, well written and executed, the ending is unexpected and works perfectly. I love how the white shirt plays a crucial part and the focus and the name, it’s well made for sure,

I really liked this film, I wish more such short films are made, they portray so much in such a lil span of time, I really like kritika, she is an immensely talented actress.





Watch the film Here.

Big Little Lies- New TV Series


Nicole Kidman as Celeste (Photo: HBO)
As a Pilot episode, it totally got me hooked. With the cast that it has, the talent and the mystery, they didn’t even show who died, it is epic and intriguing. It’s set in a small town focussed on mothers and their kids, and 1st-grade politics.
Hands off to the producers for getting the cast that they have.
I haven’t read the novel, but I think I am gonna watch this series entirely, David E. Kelley has written the first episode well enough, and I am looking forward to furthering episodes. Jean-Marc Vallee is a very talented director and has done an excellent job here. The investigation, the sea, the flashbacks, the way the story is being told, one day at a time, the gossiping people, its a great set up. I was interested as soon as I found out about the cast, and now after the pilot, I am definitely watching, there are hardly any interesting shows anymore, so this is a welcome addition.
Resse Witherspoon is fantastic, her character is vibrant, sweet and misunderstood just because she is so upfront, Adam Scott plays her husband who is again kind and supportive, they are the couple of this show. Laura Dern has done a good job playing the negative character here, she dresses sharp amongst mothers and well is the bitter one who wants to be in the mom group. Nicole Kidman looks beautiful and is so graceful and elegant, Shailene Woodley is immensely talented, and I am looking forward to the de-layering of her character. I loved how Madeline just took Jane under her wing here. Alexander Skarsgard is the hot father here, his character is very complex, and I hope we see more of him in the next episode.

Jane, Shailene here, is shown to be a splendid mother who is trying very hard and hiding secrets.

Mothers with kids in school are surely going to be enjoying this, but me a millennial with no such drama is finding the mystery alluring.I absolutely adore Reese’s character.

Along with a well written and directed mystery, Big little lies is blessed with a great acting pool.


Love Blossoms Review

I Gave it a 5.5/10.

It’s Set in Bruges, the shooting locations are very apt and lovely. This slow yet well-directed romance is suitable to be played in the background while you work on something. You hardly come across Hallmark movies where actors have accents and hence its refreshing to see some of the supporting casts carry speak in accents.

The story is extremely different from the usual, set in the world of perfume makers, it’s an insight into their world and the hard work that goes into making scents. The story develops nicely, giving us insights into the characters and slowly building their friendship and romance. The chemistry between the actors is palpable.

The Background score is something I liked in this movie, amidst the slow turn of the story, the background score kept it interesting, it’s unlike the usual hallmark movies and stands out.

Victor Webster is broody and handsome, he plays the botanist well,  Shantel vansanten plays Violet perfectly, she is immensely talented & entertaining and the glue that keeps this movie together. Actors are important to make a film a success, and in the case of Hallmark, unless they pick a really talented actress, their movies are doomed, this film would have been a disaster if not for shantel.  Callum Blue’s plays the gray character and comes off as creepy from the beginning. The supporting cast is great and does its job well.

The movie is edited well, and the direction is on point.  The screenplay could have been better, The film is slow and not exciting, if there were sassy dialogues or anything, it would have made the movie fun to watch.


Weekend Read

  1. This Buzzfeed quiz asks questions about your ideal date and then tells you something about yourself. It is bang on.


2. A brilliant Idea. A community fridge where you can drop off extra food and homeless or needy can take the food without begging for it. Its accessible and the food stays fresh for longer. This initiative exists in UK, Spain, Germany. The latest one launched in London has been started by volunteers who gathered funds through crowdfunding. Read More Here.



Everything Everything Book review

I really really liked this book. It’s sweet, funny and lovely. The romance between Maddy and olly is so cute, their chats are so funny, and the illustrations are the icing, they really bring out a character in this book.
The book though dealing with something so sad makes it fun to read; you feel good throughout, although the end seemed hasty to me, the author should have explained a few things better, as soon as the letter from the Hawaiian doctor arrives, everything is on a fast track. Otherwise, this book is a must read, its amazing.
The writing is beautiful.

I really liked Olly’s character and Maddy’s confidence.Their love stood the test of everything, they understood and fit each other well, this book is amazing. It, at least the beginning of the book has all the tell tales of being a classic romance novel, it has a lot of struggles and troubles, but they have been shown in a light-hearted way, keeping the book positive, it teaches us to make our lives worth living, to not just survive but experience and take risks, listen to our heart and do what makes us happy, to fulfill our dreams,
Love is everything.


Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon
The surroundings were well explained in the book, I wish we had some chapters from Olly’s point of view, I look forward to reading more books by this author,I finished it in one day, amazing book!

Love at First Glance review

I gave it a 3/10.

The movie starts interesting but soon loses its touch.

The lead actress, Amy Smart is useless. She is the reason this film apart from a botched up direction sucks.

Adrian Grenier is one good thing about this movie. He is gorgeous and sincere. Wish he had some more scenes.

The young James does a very cute job, both kids are incredibly cute. The best friend of Mary does a great job too, so does Carl, the supporting cast is okay, it’s amy smart who destroyed the movie, the quality of this movie is so bad, its sheer torture sitting through it, its disastrous,

after watching this year’s Hallmark movies like a dash of love, watching this, it does not feel like its hallmark, this has got to be one of their worst movies ever made.


A Dash of Love Hallmark movie review

I gave it an 8/10.

It’s one of the good Hallmark movies.


Really sweet, with a few cute scenes that leave you with a giant grin. Its perfect to watch around valentine’s day. The story is nothing unordinary but the actors have done a splendid job, especially Jen Lilli, she is simply wonderful. She is gorgeous and an extremely talented actress. Her character is polite and gracious, super humble. I loved her character Nikki.brendan penny is existing in the movie but isn’t remarkable. Peri Gilpin was okay as the hawty chef. kandyse McClure was gorgeous and supportive just like her character. I loved the sets of this movie, great production. the whole movie is so worth watching. its a really good movie.



Weekend wonder

Aloha peeps! Here are some things that caught my eye this week.

This article by BuzzFeed is amazing. Some things truly are so smart. Like wow, whoever thought of this, is so rad!

The Trip by Bindaas is a web series that brings out 10-minute videos weekly. It’s so much fun, the music, the girls, Lisa Haydon really can’t act, but the rest of the characters are amazing. Its a great web series.

Slammed by colleen hoover is a great book. like wow, I have read the first 2 in the series but slammed is amazing.

This amazing slam by a girl, it is heart-shattering. do watch.