Accessed’s The Mystery Box : Review

Accessed launched its The Mystery Box this month.

Since i love surprise gifts and it was new, i thought its the best gift to give myself this christmas.

Today i recieved thier box,which looks just like it was advertized.

IMG_6609 IMG_6610  It costs 2000 INR for Six months, i.e., six boxes. There is an additional Red package that costs 2500 INR for the same deal, except 500 INR go for charity that supports educational institutions in rural India.

After i registered on the site, they called me and confirmed the deal i wanted, i bought the RED package thinking well if i am treating myself, why not give some away and feel better too. Two weeks later, a guy came to collect the payment on the address provided by me. i like the idea of personal collection.

So the box,it comes packed in transparent packaging, after opening, its a beautiful cardboard box which is sturdy and i am going to reuse it for storing things.The box contained two items, one voucher and one pamphlet.

The first item was a pack of four coasters by India circus by Krsna mehta.

IMG_6612 IMG_6613 They approximately cost 433 INR.

They are gorgeous as you can see, one of a kind. i love the collection of coasters by krsna mehta for India circus and it was a delight to receive em. They are stunning.

The second item was coffee. IMG_6614

It retails for 190 INR for this 100 gm pack. I haven’t made it yet but the aroma is delicious. SImply amazing.

The voucher is for dry cleaning. Its a 350 INR voucher for Bueno! dry cleaning service. It is based in Mumbai and my only concern is if it shall be valid in navi mumbai. I am going to have to call tomorrow and confirm.

IMG_6615 The fourth content is a pamphlet regarding which is a charity website which allows you  to donate towards basic products and services that fulfill the fundamental needs of underpriviliged children accros india.

IMG_6611 It was a pleasant experience. The total of items come upto 973 INR, it is worth every penny and more.

The excitement of recieving presents and things that normally you won’t go all out and buy for yourself. I look forward to the next five boxes. One month to go.

I do recommend checking the mystery box out and subscribing to it. Its an interesting experience and hardly costs anything. You definitely get a lot more than you pay.


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