Playing it Cool- Movie Review

Ohkay so i watched Playing it Cool recently. It has been on my watch list for quite some time ,
the trailer seemed very interesting and who would not wanna watch a Chris Evans movie!

The movie is not as promising as the trailer,its predictable,boring and not in anyway different.
The movie starts with a guy not believing in love,
meeting a girl who is really amazing ( Michelle Monaghan’s character has been written very well. she has fire, independence, does exactly what she pleases and yes she is a cheater which is not cool but she also stands up for what she feels and goes for what she thinks is best for her!It is a very real character),
and then the movie is about him convincing her that what they have is true.
Romcom’s are cliches, this movie only talks about that, but they also are feel good movies, and this movie has nothing feel good about it. If this was meant to be a romcom spoof,it may have worked but its nowhere in the category of sleepless in seattle which was a very cool spoof.
The director justin reardon debuts in the romcom genre and not with great success.
The screenplay is weak but the writers show promise. The supporting characters have been written well, especially scott, topher grace plays it extremely well and is the star of the movie along with michelle monaghan who does justice to her role.
The rest of the supporting characters, most have not been given enough lines and screen time, yet make an impact on you. This movie is all about chris evans and yet sadly he doesn’t do justice to his role.
jake monaco does a good job with the music and jeff cutter is good as a cinematographer.
You can watch this movie if you wanna watch a not so fun movie that claims to be a romcom or for michelle monaghan and topher grace who both do a great job!

i give this movie 4.5/10.

My top five moments from this movie :
1. Chris Evans playing all those different get ups! how fun was that!
2. How beautiful can Michelle Monaghan be! she is stunning. the yoga class was perfect and so much fun.
3. When Michelle buys the birthday card! oh man *sob*
4. Scott’s love for love in the time of cholera.
5. the trip to so many san francisco hearts! that was new and interesting!

What were your fave moments?


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