Podcast Love- so gripping!

Ohkay, so i am a little late on the Serial bandwagon,

But better late than never.

Serial is a podcast , a spin off of the american life, it is a true story, a real narrative.

A story so gripping, and the fact that its true, it actually happened makes it more insane.

I heard nine episodes in 24 hours.

There are 12 episodes in the first season. It is very well narrated,clear crisp voice, the recordings are a little hard to hear at times but it is very very gripping. you would not want to stop.

It is the first podcast to win the peabody award.

Thanks to the popularity of the podcast, Adnan’s appeal has been accepted.

I am of the opinion he is innocent, that is my theory for him, i hope he gets free.

He has lived in prison for 15 years suffering for a crime he did not commit.

My theory is that Jay is the killer, he is the psychopath.

He knew all the details and hence only he could have killed.

There are theories that they both only buried, and when the body was found they both decided to blame adnan thinking he would not be incriminated but that failed.

But jay’s anger and insistence on adnan’s guilt makes me think he is the killer. the motive i am not aware but i hope we all find it all soon.

download Serial, if you haven’t heard it, start now.

Podcasts are my  new love. They rock.


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