Once upon a Time s4 Finale

[Warning: this post contains spoilers for the Once Upon a Time season four finale, “Operation Mongoose.”]For the second season in a row, the Once Upon a Time finale took place in a world that was different than the norm.

While last season’s conclusion took Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) back in time to the Fairytale land that was (and they altered things as they went on their way), this season’s two-hour “concept movie”showcased the fallout of the Author (Patrick Fischler) rewriting the story and turning the villains into heroes.
It was fresh and fun to watch villains as heroes and heroes as villains. It reconfirmed that true happiness can be found only when you are good at heart.
Henry (Jared Gilmore) is initially stuck in the real world, but he finds the Author ― aka Isaac Heller ― on a book tour, and Henry is able to take the two of them to the altered world.

The show had some fun transforming the characters into different people from the ones we’ve known for the past four seasons.

The Connection between Henry and Regina and the spark between Regina and robin was fun to watch. Alternate universe robin was somehow more handsome than ever.

A good hero rumple was a great experience. It shall be interesting to watch how he turns out without his darkness in s5.

I loved how much Regina had changed in the story and how simple yet gorgeous she looked, Emma as crazy captive though was not very pleasing to the eyes. her little romance with hook was a delight.Henry was bad ass when helping hook and everybody else.

It shall be interesting to watch him as the author.

I was sad to call out goodbye to the apprentice but i look forward to Merlin,the sorcerer and lily’s dad. i am sure s5 of ouat is going to be better than ever.

When Once Upon a Time showrunners Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis spoke with The Hollywood Reporter before the finale, they hinted that the final hours of the season would lay the groundwork for what would be in store for season five.

“We certainly are setting up for what next season would be at the end of the finale this year, but we’re doing it in hopefully a different way than we’ve done before,” shared Kitsis. “It’s probably a little more reminiscent, in a way, to season one, where a condition [was set out] that magic is coming, versus having a new villain of the year or a journey to a different world. It’ll be in a slightly different way, but hopefully just as earthshaking or changing than we’ve ever done, if not more so.”

With the events of the finale, it leaves a few key characters in interesting positions:

Emma: Season five will arguably have the most personal Big Bad the show has had so far. Though Regina and Rumple have been Big Bads, when that happened, many of their relationships with the people of Storybrooke were complicated, at best. For Emma, she has been the savior. She has her parents, her son, Hook, and friends. How will they deal with trying to save her? And what will Dark Emma be able to put them through?

Henry: What will his new position as Author mean? Initially, he wanted to bring his father back to life, but was told his powers won’t allow that. Aside from that, he seems content to write the things that occur… so will that cause any noticeable shift in his character?

Rumple: Who is Rumple when he’s not tethered to being the Dark One? Once he comes out of the state he’s in, will he mourn the loss of power? Or can he try to be happy with Belle? And will he even attempt to help Emma?

Lily: She’s sticking around in town, and is determined to find her father. Since Maleficent (Kristin Bauer van Straten) doesn’t know who the man is (it’s “a dragon thing”), and she just has a part of her egg to go by, will her quest lead her to a familiar face?

Merlin: The Once Upon a Time bosses said that the finale wasn’t setting up new characters for season five, and it’s possible Merlin won’t come into play for a good portion of the year (much like it took the series more than half a season to introduce the Author after they first mentioned him) ― but surely he’ll be there at some point in season five? Merlin has been mentioned in passing before ― in season three’s “Lost Girl” when Charming told Snow that Merlin was a mage from Camelot who forged the sword, Excalibur and ― from the King Arthur story― Lancelot (Sinqua Walls) appeared (and quickly died) in season two. How deep will the show dive into the realm of Camelot next year? Or will the show be too busy with Dark Emma for the foreseeable future?

Zelena: What the heck are they going to do with her? You can’t kill off a pregnant villain. Is she just going to stay locked up and knocked up for the foreseeable future? It’s understandable that Robin and Regina will deal with the situation together, but even if they opt to raise Zelena’s kid, is there any way Zelena could be redeemed? Or is she doomed to being locked up for the rest of the show?

What did you think of Once Upon a Time‘s season four finale?

source- hollywoodreporter.com


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