Card making ideas


A simple way to make a stunning greeting card. it hardly takes any time and requires things you probably have lying around.

A while ago i made these beautiful and simple greeting cards for my gran and friend’s



1. card paper or chart paper

2.glitter paper/decorative paper

3. scissors and glue

4.rope/ribbon or wool

5. sketch pens or pens to write your message


1. Start by folding your paper in half or the appropriate card size you require.

2. Draw a half circle on the glitter paper/decorative paper and cut it so you can half a partial balloon shape on top of the card.



3. glue it on the top corner of your card.


4. Take a tiny rectangle from the glitter paper and stick it on the bottom corner of the balloon like a nozzle.

5. take the wool and tie it around the nozzle and downwards towards the bottom like a balloon string.


Write your message beside the string and voila! a simple yet mind blowing greeting card!


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