Grey’s Anatomy

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Season 11 ended on a great note! its one show that has been going on for years, and has had insane stuff happened to its characters, but it keeps you hooked.

Tonight’s finale felt like any other standard Grey’s Anatomy episode, no huge cliffhanger but a promise of a dramatic yet happier new season.

Grey's Anatomy, Patrick DempseyABC/Kelsey McNeal

Derek’s final phone call to Meredith (Ellen Pompeo)., was sweet and hurt wrenching, we will miss you Derek.

we finally got to hear exactly what he said in his voicemail to Meredith, the one he left for her while he was on the ferry heading to the airport to quit his job and return home to his family.

Grey's Anatomy, Ellen Pompeo, Justin ChambersABC

Those were the perfect last words, and because of that, they were the cruelest last words. Meredith’s been keeping that voicemail saved on her phone for the past year, and she let Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) listen to it when she was feeling low. Turns out, that message was the closure Amelia needed to say goodbye to her brother, and possibly open her heart to Owen (Kevin McKidd) again.I hope we get to see more of amelia and owen, he really likes her and she is so cruelly stringing him along, he is such a sweetheart!amelia and owen people!

As for Meredith, she’s going to sell her home and move back into her mother’s house that Alex (Justin Chambers) currently lives in with Jo (Camillia Luddington), and they’re going to move out and buy a loft together to begin their life together. And Jo finally said “I love you” to Alex! These two deserve the happiest of endings.Alex again is the sweetest. Shonda rimes makes up the best guy characters ever,derek,alex,owen…they all are such sweethearts, even mark, he is sorely missed.

Another happy couple by the end of the finale? Webber (James Pickens Jr.) and Catherine (Debbie Allen), who finally got married!

Grey's Anatomy, Sarah Drew, Jesse WilliamsABC/Adam Taylor

But not every couple made it out of season 11 unscathed. After April (Sarah Drew) realized she wants to go back to the army because she found her purpose in life again, Jackson (Jesse Williams) told her that if she goes, their relationship is over. He couldn’t handle her absence, since he wasn’t able to grieve with her, and she never even asked him about his life while she was gone. What will April choose? We’ll find out next season, because why should our sorrows end so quickly?!

well i like the bad ass april but living for a year alone is difficult but then so many army wives and husbands do it, cant jackson be a little understanding?

The episode was great. With them being able to save the car crash family, bad ass car surgery, nervous interns, it was all goosebumps!


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