Current Obsession- TV,Music and Youtube

Hey peeps,

Its been a while since i have posted. May has been a very unhealthy sickness striking month for me.

Here are a few things i was obsessed with last month, if you haven’t yet- go check em out! i am sure you shall love em.

TV- Younger


After being mistaken for younger than she really is, a single mother decides to take the chance to reboot her career and her love life as a 26-year old.

Sutton foster(liza miller) plays a 26 year old very convincingly. Its great to watch hilary duff after so long.

Nico Tortorella (josh) is a sweetheart. i loved him in Make it or break it and its great to watch him here.

The plot may seem not too exciting but the show surely is.

It hooks you. The cast, the episodes, liza works in publishing and me being a sucker for books, its a great backdrop.

I like this show very much.

Here’s the series trailer-

Music- Bright by Echosmith

Its my song of the month. Echosmith has a great voice and music. Their songs have been liked by me but none have been downloaded or played for long, Bright changes that. Its sweet lyrics and enchanting voice accompanied with the perfect sound for summer has me raving.

I am in love with this song.

Youtube- ThePianoGuys

Oh they have been my love for a while now. But well their recent number just made me fall in love with them a lot more.

I have converted and saved it in Mp3. Its just magical.

Well that’s about it for now guys. What have you been loving lately?


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