Ae Dil hai mushkil review

I would give it 8/10, its not that entertaining, but the acting,music and background score won my heart.

there is only so much you can do with lack of creativity and a weak script.

karan johar, i have usually loved his movies and thus had high expectations of this one , especially since it was carrying an amazing crop of a cast and the music is a mega hit.

the movie fails expectations , its a sad story with not anything that shall make you spend 3 hrs of your life watching it.

i loved the shayaris, the dialogues, the independence of the characters, there are no stereotypes in the movie , a lot of costumes, dialogues, characters are a breath of fresh air, creative and different but the story fails.

aishwarya rai is stunning,her dialogue delivery amazing , i love saba, her character , shahrukh khan portrays his cameo perfectly, alia bhatt is fun to watch in her cameo.

fawad khan is good, has good screen timing but hardly any presence, he is ana amazing talent that has not been given a better character, his character lacks depth but since its a cameo its understandable.

arijit singh has outdone himself , his voice, his music is impeccable. so are the lyrics.

anushka sharma has a dazzling character in alizeh and she has portrayed it perfectly. she is a mega actor with a personality of a star.ranbir Kapoor however has done better in previous movies.karan johar has tried portraying reality where not everything is a fairy tale , and life happens , its admirable but somehow it fails to catch our heart.



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