The Girl on the train review-movie

I give it 8/10.

i usually hold back if its a movie based on a book, this ones really well made, it holds you, though the suspense may have been a little obvious, atleast it was for me, to guess, but the characters are amazing, the casting is perfect, everyone has acted really well, the direction is well.

emily blunt is the star of the movie. she has done a remarkable job. she is such ana mazing actress, you believe her character so well.Charlotte Bruus Christensen has done a good job in cinematogography,Erin Cressida Wilson has done an appreciative job with the script.

justin theroux is good,rebecca ferguson is good,haley bennett is the one you notice, she is gorgeous, she carries off the naked scenes really well, she acts good and makes you sit up and notice her , she made this complex character relatable,after emily blunt , she is the one you notice.luke evans is good too.

the movie is well made, it may not be a cult classic , not something that you shall remember forever, but it is worth the ride, you enjoy the twists, the surprises, the acting and the portrayal, it makes you refelct on society with a different perspective.


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