Kahaani 2 review

I gave it 5 stars out of 10.

The movie is a one time watch, if you compare it to kahaani, you are going to be extremely disappointed. Sujoy Ghosh has let us down. The characters are not well developed nor are anything extraordinary. There is no surprise or shock on the climax, most people will have guessed it by the time it arrives.

It would have been a decent movie if it didn’t have its predecessor to live up to.

We made it a family movie time on a Saturday night, it did not catch anyone’s focus, but people sat through it. The first half is good, confusing and just how a  thriller must be.it’s produced well, it moves at a slightly slower pace but it’s well narrated,the subject is extremely unusual,kolkata as always looks great, the cast is good and has acted well, vidya balan is amazing.its an out and out vidya balan show where arjun rampal leaves a good impression.

kahaani 2 does not have any unexpected twists and turns, everything is as it seems, the first half is much better than the second.the climax is simply not extra ordinary.

watch the movie for a random passtime or if you are a vidya balan fan, Jugal hansraj is a surprise and does well.naisha khanna, the little mini, does an incredible job and i am sure has greater things coming to her. tunisha sharma, the teen mini is impressive as well, though she does not have much screen presence. toto roy choudhary does a good job in his cameo. manini chadha is sweet to watch and plays the wife of the cop to teeths.

the climax is where the movie is a let down, nobody likes a thriller where they guess the ending miles before it happens. sujoy ghosh could have done a better job.ritesh shah with the dialogues is ohkay, nothing memorable.

Namrata Rao has edited well, the movie does not bore you, but it also does not make you lose itself in it.



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