Behind Closed doors – crime book

I Liked it. I would give it a 3/5.

This is the first B.A.Paris book that I have read and her writing style is impressive.  It’s a good thriller, and there are many twists that you just don’t expect. I read it in one sitting, it’s incredibly addictive to want to know what happens next. Millie’s character is the best, she is so smart, it is amazing.

It’s a great crime fiction read,likable characters though they could have been more built and with depth.there are moments of pure evil but it helps us reflect, not everything is how it seems to be. I haven’t been much for domestic thrillers, but this one was quite a read. Jack was a mad man, the writer gives it justification and cause for why he is the way he is, but merely a mad man.The writing was simple, the dialogues were simple, and so were the situations but while you are reading everything comes together to form a complex and genius scene. The character’s manipulations, understandings, the double meanings in every dialogue, everything is written to perfection.   The climax you see coming from a  mile, but there is still a shock that leaves you when you end the book, it leaves you feeling satisfied, there are so many moments in the book that just leave you like whaaaaaatt! But they also make you keep reading.

The book, the climax was a little expected, and the characters lacked a depth as to why they were the way they were, why was Grace desperate, esther curious, all that was avoided being addressed. You really should read this book if you are looking for a chilling thriller. It is so unexpected. I would surely be checking out B.A.Paris’s next book in 2017.

It is an entertaining read, you get sucked into their world unable to stop until you know it has very well ended.

Comment your email, and I might just send you an ebook to experience this ride for yourself.


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