Man of the year- Raghuveer kandwal

The week has awarded Man of the year to Raghuveer Kandwal,

Read the full article, here.

He has brought about a change in the Valley of Uttarakhand on his own, working hard for over 2 decades, making barren land full of opportunities and trees, bringing employment to a zone that rarely has job opportunities, saving nature and giving back to his birthplace.

screenshot_3He worked towards helping the earthquake victims of 1991, he started a school, established it and gave it away to a registered more established school for free. He seems like a selfless man, driven towards working and improving the economy. Now, he makes juice, “nature,” which is extremely popular in and around his village.

I sure would love to try a bottle someday, hopefully, they bigger and go international. Raghuveer’s NGO works in providing people free medical care, people the government does not provide free treatment to because they don’t have a BPL card but they are still destitute and have given up hope, they not only foot medical bills but arrange for travel, stay everything. Mr kandwal and his people are genuinely nice ones, who work with kindness and good intentions trying to make the world a better place for everyone. His ngo, GRASS, covers where the government lacks, they have paid to people who work with the government along with them on projects, our government is famous for corruption and not paying to the ones who have earned it, GRASS covers and pays whatever they can so people continue and do not get demoralized. One life, only 44, and he has achieved so much that too many inspiring stories come out of his work. He has done his diligence in maximum fields, helped too many to count, made life better for countless families. He is one of the most inspiring stories ever.  His story needs to be spread and said to everyone to inspire them towards working, doing anything they can for people who might need help.; when you realize you want to help, nothing can stop you, nothing should.


he has achieved so much for others, it’s impossible to write it all, under GRASS, he along with Reliance has built temporary houses for people, with the government build cement houses for people, given away goats to people, so they have a fixed income, then they trained women so they can work and have their own businesses,they have helped a whole state be independent and richer comparatively.

GRASS has built an earthquake resistant shelter for the community. If every community has people like raghuveer and organizations like GRASS, everyone would benefit, lives would be saved.





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