Dangal Movie review

This is one of the best movies you will ever see. I watched two back to back shows, its that good.

I would give it a 10 on 10.

 Aamir Khan is brilliant, the acting, the humility that Mahavir Singh phogat must have, the tenderness of a father, the discipline of a teacher, he matches everything. The girls –  Zaira Wasim,suhani Bhatnagar, Fatima Sana Shaikh and sanya Malhotra knock it out of the stadium. These girls are brilliant, their acting and dedication to the characters, they feel like real people going through these emotions and trials and not actors acting. The wrestling scenes are so real, it was like watching a match and not a movie. everyone involved in this movie has done a remarkable job leaving us with Dangal that is a must for everyone to experience.

I remember Fatima Sana Shaikh from Chachi 420. The cute Lil kid has grown up to be an incredible actress. Sakshi tanwar has done a great job. She matches Aamir Khan in every way,  vivan bhatena plays a convincing cameo.
Girish Kulkarni plays the evil coach well. The comic element, the close cousin, both actors have done a great job. The narration is so one of a kind, Haryanvi is anyway a funny language sometimes and with that the actors narrating it. The writing is on point, the script is funny, and moving.
Wrestling is an under appreciated sport, our wrestlers put in so much effort and hardly get anything out of it. Every sports movie that is made shows how poorly the sport federation treats its players, there never is any support from their end.

the story is so realistic and well paced, Mahavir Singh phogat deserves so much more respect and popularity than he has had in his life, he made his daughters’ lives extraordinary, I am sure geeta phogat and Babita phogat are diamonds amidst stones, the discipline to learn wrestling, to be that strong that they beat guys is hats off, to work to make their father’s dreams their own is no weak feat and to make it a reality, a shout out to geeta phogat and Babita phogat on being super girls. They made me so proud while I was sitting in that theater mostly surrounded by guys, girls are no less if not superior.

It is surprising how I had never heard of geeta phogat, even after her recent winning feat at Commonwealth, shows how poorly our media works when there are only news and no glamour. paving way for women in wrestling in haryana must have been more difficult than we can imagine, mahavir singh phogat should be an example to every man out there.

its almost a 3 hour movie but times passes fevourly. i hope indian government eventually learns to value our talent and supports our sportsmen and women. Pritam has done a great job with  music and amitabh bhattacharya’s lyrics are catchy and suitable. there is no  hiding in this movie, they haven’t glossed over any flaws of any character, everything is shown how we would probably imagine it to happen, that is what makes everything in this movie so realistic.

mahavir singh phogat must be a genius of a man . sanya malhotra does not have a lot of screen time but does immense justice to her character. this movie eventually becomes about geeta phogat. when the national anthem played in the movie, everyone in the theater stood up, it was heart warming to see such patriotism in regular life i guess.

when the national anthem played in the movie, everyone in the theater stood up, it was heart warming to see such patriotism in regular life I guess.

castin director mukesh chhabra has done  a brilliant job. every character is believable because of the people chosen to portray it. the support characters, people in the village everyone is perfect.aparshakti khurana, ayushman khurana’s brother, portrays the cousin very well.nitesh Tiwari has done a commendable job. this is one movie that shall always be remembered.

Sana Shaikh in a still from the song Gilehriyaan



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