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They really should make movies on the lives of Jayalalitha and tiger woods. They were great people, determined and powerful, their aura was so strong, people worshiped them. tiger woods is the best golf player there ever was and Jayalalitha, someone’s making her a temple, whether people agreed or disagreed with her, they all respected her. with so many ups and downs in life, they still kept going and doing what they like best. I enjoy reading weekly magazines. This year’s Forbes’s list of top 100 people was fascinating.

  1. Radha Borde, late forties, lives in Nagpur was recently awarded the national award by the ministry of social justice and empowerment. She is a Visually-impaired social activist who works for improving the lives of people with disabilities. She works as a teacher in Nagpur and runs a library and a hostel for the blind. She lost her eyesight when she was 3 due to smallpox. but she did not let that stop her from living her life. she learned to read and write. she studied and opened her own library for everyone. they even dispatch books for whoever makes a request.



2. this video of parents and kids playing never have I ever is so sweet!

3. This video of time-lapse of voyageurs national park is a must watch. It is just too pretty.

Did you know? The Indian Junior Hockey Team won the world cup this year.



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