Affirmations for 2017

  • Here are some encouraging words I read that surely inspired me. Step into the world, make your dreams come true, stop thinking and do what you want to. you become what you believe.Every year, most of us are hoping for change.Even when things are going very well for us, there’s always something we want to improve, some things we want to work on.


    • Today I will work on seeing only the positives. I will block out negative thinking.
    • I radiate positive energy.
    • It’s easy to meet people. I attract positive and kind people into my life.
    • I am courageous. I am willing to act in spite of any fear.
    • The biggest and most complex obstacle I will ever have to overcome is my mind.  If I can overcome that, I can overcome anything.
    • I cannot control exactly what happens in life, but I can control how I respond to it all.  In my response is my greatest power
    • I will stop focusing on how stressed I am and remember how blessed I am.  Complaining won’t change my reality, but a positive attitude will
    • Instead of getting angry, I will find the lesson.  In place of envy, I will feel admiration.  In place of worry, I will take positive action.  In place of doubt, I will have faith.
    • I will focus on making myself better, not on thinking I am better
    • Happiness does not start when ‘this, that or the other’ thing is resolved.  Happiness is what happens now, when I make the best of what I have



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