Everything Everything Book review

I really really liked this book. It’s sweet, funny and lovely. The romance between Maddy and olly is so cute, their chats are so funny, and the illustrations are the icing, they really bring out a character in this book.
The book though dealing with something so sad makes it fun to read; you feel good throughout, although the end seemed hasty to me, the author should have explained a few things better, as soon as the letter from the Hawaiian doctor arrives, everything is on a fast track. Otherwise, this book is a must read, its amazing.
The writing is beautiful.

I really liked Olly’s character and Maddy’s confidence.Their love stood the test of everything, they understood and fit each other well, this book is amazing. It, at least the beginning of the book has all the tell tales of being a classic romance novel, it has a lot of struggles and troubles, but they have been shown in a light-hearted way, keeping the book positive, it teaches us to make our lives worth living, to not just survive but experience and take risks, listen to our heart and do what makes us happy, to fulfill our dreams,
Love is everything.


Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon
The surroundings were well explained in the book, I wish we had some chapters from Olly’s point of view, I look forward to reading more books by this author,I finished it in one day, amazing book!

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