Love Blossoms Review

I Gave it a 5.5/10.

It’s Set in Bruges, the shooting locations are very apt and lovely. This slow yet well-directed romance is suitable to be played in the background while you work on something. You hardly come across Hallmark movies where actors have accents and hence its refreshing to see some of the supporting casts carry speak in accents.

The story is extremely different from the usual, set in the world of perfume makers, it’s an insight into their world and the hard work that goes into making scents. The story develops nicely, giving us insights into the characters and slowly building their friendship and romance. The chemistry between the actors is palpable.

The Background score is something I liked in this movie, amidst the slow turn of the story, the background score kept it interesting, it’s unlike the usual hallmark movies and stands out.

Victor Webster is broody and handsome, he plays the botanist well,  Shantel vansanten plays Violet perfectly, she is immensely talented & entertaining and the glue that keeps this movie together. Actors are important to make a film a success, and in the case of Hallmark, unless they pick a really talented actress, their movies are doomed, this film would have been a disaster if not for shantel.  Callum Blue’s plays the gray character and comes off as creepy from the beginning. The supporting cast is great and does its job well.

The movie is edited well, and the direction is on point.  The screenplay could have been better, The film is slow and not exciting, if there were sassy dialogues or anything, it would have made the movie fun to watch.



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