Big Little Lies- New TV Series


Nicole Kidman as Celeste (Photo: HBO)
As a Pilot episode, it totally got me hooked. With the cast that it has, the talent and the mystery, they didn’t even show who died, it is epic and intriguing. It’s set in a small town focussed on mothers and their kids, and 1st-grade politics.
Hands off to the producers for getting the cast that they have.
I haven’t read the novel, but I think I am gonna watch this series entirely, David E. Kelley has written the first episode well enough, and I am looking forward to furthering episodes. Jean-Marc Vallee is a very talented director and has done an excellent job here. The investigation, the sea, the flashbacks, the way the story is being told, one day at a time, the gossiping people, its a great set up. I was interested as soon as I found out about the cast, and now after the pilot, I am definitely watching, there are hardly any interesting shows anymore, so this is a welcome addition.
Resse Witherspoon is fantastic, her character is vibrant, sweet and misunderstood just because she is so upfront, Adam Scott plays her husband who is again kind and supportive, they are the couple of this show. Laura Dern has done a good job playing the negative character here, she dresses sharp amongst mothers and well is the bitter one who wants to be in the mom group. Nicole Kidman looks beautiful and is so graceful and elegant, Shailene Woodley is immensely talented, and I am looking forward to the de-layering of her character. I loved how Madeline just took Jane under her wing here. Alexander Skarsgard is the hot father here, his character is very complex, and I hope we see more of him in the next episode.

Jane, Shailene here, is shown to be a splendid mother who is trying very hard and hiding secrets.

Mothers with kids in school are surely going to be enjoying this, but me a millennial with no such drama is finding the mystery alluring.I absolutely adore Reese’s character.

Along with a well written and directed mystery, Big little lies is blessed with a great acting pool.


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