White Shirt- A short Film

This short film stars Kritika Kamra and Kunal Kapoor. It has been directed by Sumeet Aroraa.

I stumbled upon it in the trending column of youtube and decided to late night watch it as it’s only 18mins long. It is a sweet and simple tale, well executed and greatly acted in. The actors are believable and talented, the direction is well enough. It is a sweet story to watch to pass your time, it’s available for free on youtube, if you want to kill 15 mins watching something good? This is it. The subtitles are useless and badly done. The background score is excellent. Kritika’s character vani is shown to be sad throughout, but she starts to find her own in the end, I like the way she eventually stood up for herself and moved on. Kunal’s character avik is sort of a dick.

It is a different film, well written and executed, the ending is unexpected and works perfectly. I love how the white shirt plays a crucial part and the focus and the name, it’s well made for sure,

I really liked this film, I wish more such short films are made, they portray so much in such a lil span of time, I really like kritika, she is an immensely talented actress.





Watch the film Here.


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