Prime Suspect 1973 TV Series

I give it a 5.5/10.

The only USP of this show is that its set in the 70s.

Prime Suspect 1973
Prime of life … Stefanie Martini as Jane Tennison, with Andrew Broke as Sergeant Harris. Photograph: Amanda Searle/ITV

Stefanie Martini plays a very convincing and elegant Jane Tennison, she is beautiful, smart and stylish, she has good instincts and would have made a badass cop in today’s world.

The whole prison thing makes no sense, they should have given some idea as to what was going on. Apparently, the son is involved in some way in the murder but its like two stories running parallel, not a very intriguing pilot episode,  In the upcoming episodes, they shall make it more clear and connect all dots, and Tennison is, of course, going to be in the middle of it. The costumes are great. The production is very well.The cinematography is amazing, and I really liked the background score. It is based on a book and is a prequel to a show.

It did not catch my attention, but since they did not solve the murder and it is supposed to have only 6 episodes, I might finish the series. I haven’t really watched many British shows, so this one is a little strange for me, with the accents.The case and the show seem meaningless, but hopefully, the story evolves in the next episode, the promo did show promise.

The show shows extreme sexism, The women on the force are made to serve tea, clean utensils and wipe vomit, it is infuriating. I liked seeing the procedure that cops used while solving a case back then.I am grateful we have evolved from such treatment of women, sexism has not been eradicated entirely from our world, but we are closer to equality than we were 40 years ago.




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