The great hunt by wendy higgins

I liked this book, email me at a for your own copy.

Since the second book releases next week, i got around to reading this one last night. I liked their world, princess aerity , paxton , the writer has come up with really fun characters that are so interesting to read. I loved how paxton and aerity were attracted to each other from the first moment. I hope to see more of their story in the final book.

There are some twists that you dont expect at all,some that break your heart but the writer patches em up, i am sure the second book is going to be just as good a read.

The book is rather slow in the beginning but it gets fun as soon as the hunt starts,The cover could have been better, even the second book does not have a great cover. I like the chivalry and protocal from this era. this is the first time i come across a character that is into acrobats and thats interesting to see, especially when so many people have been doing aerial yoga this past year.

Tiern is amazing, i loved his character from the get go. I hope we are introduced to someone for harrison as well, otherwise the couplings in this book were perfect.

“Is it so hard to believe I’d prefer to be alone? I’m certain every eligible man in the kingdom would fall over his boot strings for a chance to ride behind your royal arse, but I am not one of them.”

Paxton and aerity’s exchanges are fun to read. i love the sassy bickering between characters. Paxton is extremely interesting and layered. I am looking forward to see what the writer does with him in the final book.

the book starts amazingly, the next few chapters were dragged ut understandably. Wyneth is complicated but she appealed to me, princess vixie was so real, wendy higgins is a really good writer, i have read her books before and enjoyed them , she really brings her characters to life. She is extremely talented.

The book is enjoyable.

“The late afternoon was gorgeous—warm and clear—as if Mother Nature were trying to make up for the abominable beast she’d created.
You’ll have to do better than that, Aerity thought.”




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