rebel of the sands- book

I really liked this book.

There were some twists that I could predict, some were so unexpected. I have never read a middle eastern based book before, so that was interesting. I liked amani’s character, she fought for herself always.

Apparently all sorts of sexist things are coming my way to read and watch, the sexist nature of this book is mind churning, its sort of like a  Muslim community based, so many wives, no say to girls, it is nice to come across characters that are badass girls who are just as good as guys, even better. Amani stood up for herself against everyone making decisions for her, she bravely escaped into an unknown world.

Alwyn did a good job writing, the place, the dessert felt real. Not all the characters stood out, but it was fun to read. Some characters broke my heart. Hamilton should invest in the characters more, make us relate to them, give them distinct traits, so we always remember them. She has made the place come alive, but not the characters. I loved Jin and Amani’s scenes, but they lacked passion. You don’t feel the book. At first, it is hard to keep up with the magical creatures, but with stories incorporated, I finally started understanding them.

The layout of the book is quite well. The book moves at the correct pace. I liked Ahmed’s rebels, their introduction, most of them being girls was fantastic.

 Aunt Farrah always said I didn’t seem to mind proving myself dumb if it meant proving someone else wrong. 




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