Making History TV Series

I give it a 3.5/10.

This year, I guess time travel is gonna be the hot plot of most series.I did not find this show funny, Leighton Meester is pretty, but her reason to do this show evades me.

The pilot dives into time travel without giving us any background on the plot, the first few minutes felt fast forwarded whereIwas trying to grasp what was going on, there should have been narration or some introduction to characters and scenarios.Its a mindless comedy but without a good pilot to show for.The writer/creator  Julius Sharpe is a veteran of Family Guy, and that culture obsessed sense of humor is visible here. Adam Pally plays Dan, the one with the time machine, he does not stand out, Deborah is played by leighton meester, I like the relationship between deborah and dan, its sweet. Dan is not that smart, he has a time machine and takes it for granted, selfishly and aimlessly time traveling, he is not selling it , he does not care for the artifacts, The reality of this show is somewhat believable.

It is nice to see Leighton on TV but her talent deserves better than this show.I like her character, in times when women are treated like doorknobs, she aspires for more. I find intriguing that nobody notices how this duffelbag appears and disappears wherever they land. Yassir lester plays chris, a history professor trying to save history but again, its a mediocre show.

There is nothing memorable about this show, better jokes would do this show good.

I might watch it again , they did leave the episode on a hook and it would be fun to watch deborah living in the 21st century, but only when have nothing to do.

This show requires a better script, better direction, better execution.



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