The Arrangement TV Series

I gave it a 6.5/10.

So there are rumours this is a certain hollywood star’s story, namely, holmes and cruise, even the actors look similar to them.

The show has a typical LA vibe going on, christine evangelista, Megan’s audition and the whole imperative thing is new and fascinating.The show is intriguing.I was surprised with the lack of glamour , it being an LA show, the cast is gorgeous and hot as hell. The show shows you another side of LA, Megan’s reading scene is amazing, Christine Evangelista is talented,charming. Kyle played by josh henderson is okay, his world is different, and i dont blame him for liking Megan, the first girl who dint exactly through herself at him.Terence’s wife played by lexa doig is well casted and a complex character i look forward to seeing.

The cinematography could have been better, it just lacks the quality.There is mystery and it is amazing. I am surely going to watch the second episode, the show has not reeled me in but i am not giving up on it either.I really liked christine.The production of the show is good, The agent of megan, autumn reeser is not what you expect an agent to be but she is refreshing.The mystery plays well since both leads have things to hide, the writers have done a good job making this bizarre plot into believable.Michael Vartan plays Terence, the best friend, His acting and portrayal is perfect, The contract does remind me of fifty shades but the similarities run only till the contract.



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