Can’t Buy my Love Movie

I gave it a 1/10.

Why did I even think it was gonna be a good movie?

The soundtrack of the movie is catchy, but the script is feeble. The story is nothing new, in fact, the roommate’s story is much more romantic, and that is what kept me through the movie.

I wish they would have made a film on her instead of Lily’s character. Cara Russell has written tv stories before, nothing great but catchier.

The lead couple had no chemistry.The actors, Benjamin Hollingsworth and Adelaide Kane just could not bring the characters to life. The story, the actors lacked any emotion, not everyone with a beautiful face can act, and the lead couple proves that point.Andrea Bordeaux played Megan and Lamon Archey her boyfriend were the only good thing about the movie.

Maybe if the movie had a better team, it could have been enjoyable but then again, isn’t that the difference between a flop movie and a successful one? A good team.Farhad Mann is no great director but has directed better tv movies.

The father of Jeff, James Remar was the only actor that looked seasoned and could act.The father and the housekeeper, well their story was expected, the movie was predictable.The friendship between Lily and her co-workers was good to watch.

Really, don’t watch this movie, it had nothing worthwhile.


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