The Great Pursuit- Book

I liked the book.

There were some twists in the book that I did not see coming at all, some were too basic like this happens every time in every book but the ending was sweet, it was a feel good book. I loved the ending, it’s like I could not put the book down in the last few chapters, Wendy is a great writer, I could picture the emotions, the chaos. But the characters were pretty dumb, every time they walked into a trap I was like no don’t do this, and they would, and I mean most of the twists especially in the climax were dumb and predictable.

Most of the books, after you catch on the story after a year, you struggle to remember the story, the characters, here, Wendy has put in a sort of a recap in the first chapter which was actually great.

I really liked Vixie and Tiern together, they make such a cute couple. Lord Alvi was surprising and sincere, my feelings for him were all over the place, but I liked him. Harrison and aerity, their friendship is so amazing, I really liked Harrison’s character he is so sincere as well.Wyneth is nice as well. These princesses are shown as brave and yet real, all these killings have a drastic effect on them. Aerity was a great queen, It was annoying to see the king’s council, backward, stuck up opinions, the world needs young leaders. I liked that both the princesses fell for lashed guys.

The book’s ending is sweet. Paxton was not my favorite character in this book, but his scenes with aerity, aye there are some, were sweet.

Overall, an excellent read, like you’ll enjoy.





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