Blood, sand & Gold- Movie

It is a 4.5/10.

The movie starts surprisingly well. The locations they have shot at are gorgeous, but the dialogue delivery is bad, none of the actors can act, and despite the film being a good one time watch, the climax is predictable.

There are quite a few loopholes in the story. I did not expect subtitles, like 40 percent of the movie is in subtitles but that keeps it authentic I guess.The movie surely could have been better with a good team. History buffs might like the film. The script is magnificent, but the execution of the movie is where everything failed.Direction by Gaelan Connell should have been better.The actors act like machines, he should have brought out talent in them. Writers, again gaelan Connell and Matt Lazarus have done a good job. The script is the only reason why this movie is watchable.The background score is again weak, looks like the sound team was inexperienced since they repeated similar tunes in the background and it was expected, they put familiar sounds for typical scenes, no creativity is shown. The movie does keep you hooked, though.

The actors are unable to portray feelings of any kind or demonstrate emotion. The lead couple, Mave played by Monica West, and Jack played by Aaron Costa Ganis have no chemistry except for their one flirty scene.Aaron picks up on his acting skills through the movie and actually does a better job in the climax.Matthew Adams played the evil brother, and he acts well.Monica may be talented, but she is unsuitable for this role, Her character was supposed to be feisty and furious, but she is unable to pull it off.

The movie seems rushed.The storyline has a lot of loopholes, why is this happening? why is this character like this? nothing is explained.I loved that they mostly shot on real locations, its nice to watch.

a few twists were expected but the movie can be watched.It is enjoyable but forgettable.



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