Clique Tv series

My rating is 6.5/10.

It is a British TV series which is said to be aired in six parts. It caters to the young audience since it is based on a college crowd.

The background score and the music are charming and fun.

The show starts slow but soon especially at the end of the pilot picks my interest.Sometimes, I found the actors’ accents too strong.The whole team looks really glamourous, the outfits and the looks created for each character are great. Hats off to the style team.The production of the show is realistic.

Synnove Karlsen plays Holly, her character seems too trusting, but there may have been some childhood tragedy here.Her character appears to be interesting, she resembles Scarlett Johannson i feel.Louise Brealey  plays Jude the professor, her intro is great, the lecture is enticing, her performance powerful, she is an extremely talented actress. Mark strepan plays rory, his chemistry with holly is cute.Georgia played by Aisling franciosi fits her character.

The show is surely intriguing and with a mystery.The pilot hangs with a hook and you would wanna watch the second episode atleast.The show surely seems to have a lot of undercurrents and promise. it is something worth checking out, especially for a young girl.



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