Fallen Stars Movie

My rating is 6.5/10.

Its been awhile since I have seen anything I wanted to give even an 8, but I am not losing hope.

This one is a slow movie, really slow. The lead pair has no chemistry although they do have some cute moments.Most of their interactions are painful to watch, I understand the girl’s character has been written that way, aloof and quiet but it is annoying, it’s no fun to watch. Clearly, this movie was not made for entertainment, it gets boring a lot of places.

It is not my kinda movie. The movie gets better halfway through, some things you did not see coming, you see the characters evolve, open up, that is nice to watch. the movie is realistic and i feel is about less is more.

Michelle Ang plays Daisy, her character is awkward, seems to have issues, she keeps to herself, does not interact, is more about expressions than words,her character had too much attitude for me,i could not identify with her character, why is she the way she is, some clarity should have been brought to her character.

Ryan o nan plays cooper, his character is sad and lonely, he has done a good job in the movie, all the cute couple scenes are thanks to him,

Leslie David Baker plays a regular customer of Cooper, he is one of the few fun things about the movie, his character keeps it lively, he is amazing to watch.Elizabeth Sung is spunky and funny to watch.The supporting characters are better and fun than the lead pair, but then they were written that way, not everybody is full of life.

Its directed and written by Brian Jett, His direction is impressive, but the script could have been better, it lacks dialogues or anything really, it has loopholes, he should stick to direction , he could be marvelous at it. He should have given some background on the characters, made us understand them and attach with them, that is what makes a script unforgettable.The background score is incredible, Its the singular things about this movie that stood out as brilliant. The actors have done a good job, everybody feels real and bring their character to life, its sweet, sad , brings a different take on life and people.



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