Beauty and the Beast- movie

I can’t give this movie more than a 4.5/10.

The quality of the film is excellent, the production is simply wow from the first moment.The costumes are amazing, the animation is breathtaking, the background score, especially in the last few minutes is magical.

“The beauty is found within.”

The visuals are great, but I feel this movie is suited only for kids.The start of the film is weak, it loses me as soon as Belle is introduced and the songs begin. Its like how fairy tales used to be made, full of songs. They got the fairy tale right but there is nothing new in this movie.Some of the scenes with the Beast and his servants are cute.Belle and the beast have no chemistry, but the Beast is quite cute.

A still from the film. Image courtesy: Facebook.

Directed well by Bill Condon,Beauty and the Beast is the live version of the 1991 animated movie.Looked like all the budget went to the extras and their costumes, there are so many villagers ina  small village. Gaston played by Luke evans does an outstanding job.The movie is written well, only if it was not  a musical. Belle played by Emma watson was unexpectedly mediocre.Lumiere (Ewan McGregor), a mantel clock (Ian McKellan), a harpsichord (Stanley Tucci), a teapot (Emma Thompson), these actors brought life to the movie.

If this movie has dialogues instead of songs, I would have surely enjoyed it better.Cinderella, a few years back was successful because it was classic yet different, elegant and well made, Beauty and the Beast fails to bring any charm to the tale, its simply a copy of the original 1991 film.

P.S. nobody ever fed the horse once the movie began.



2 thoughts on “Beauty and the Beast- movie

  1. He was given hay? I noticed the water but missed the hay…thank you. Yea…emma watson i feel was not able to portray the delicateness but belle was not delicate, she was strong and fearless. But you are right, here it just did not work.


  2. The horse was given hay when they got to the castle and he had water when he rode home alone without her father. I did notice that he seemed to be left outside of the castle the whole time Belle was there and came quickly from around the corner. A lot of coincidence occurring from out of no where. I agree Belle and the Beast had no chemistry. The chemistry in the original was bc of Belle’s feminine nature having a calming effect on the Beast. This was more like Superwomen and the Beast. The movies these days are so set on portraying strong women and breaking down barriers but it didn’t work in this movie. Femininity has tamed many leaders throughout history. Nothing wrong with a strong female however here it didn’t work.


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