Traitor to the Throne- Book

I loved this book.It gave me goosebumps.

I wish the final book was releasing soon and not a year later.You have to read the first book to enjoy and understand this book better, although, for people who rarely remember what they had read a year ago, this book always explains a little extra whenever there is a flashback sequence.

In the beginning all the characters are introduced as an index. The writing style of Hamilton, the few chapters written as narration were my favourite, they bring us the story like forklore instead of Amani’s point of view. There are many thrilling twists that you just do not see coming. The book is extremely exciting. I could not put it down.

Hamilton’s writing is exquisite.The story is amazing, I am falling short of praises for this book.Hamilton thought of everything and beyond to keep us engaged in this book. The story flows very well, Hamilton is an incredibly talented writer, and with this book, she made disappear all the problems that had arisen with the rebel.

Amani’s badass fearless attitude , her sass, is what i absolutely loved in this book.

Legends were never what you expected when you saw them up close.”

Some twists i saw coming from a mile away, some things are just too obvious sometimes. you would think these characters are in such dangerous situations all the time, they would be less trusting and more careful and not that emotional about everything. Rebel of the sands is nothing compared to this book.Hamilton is a Genius, the world she has made up, the story, the evil, the characters that have been introduced, we feel for the characters, there are shocks and suprises, love and hate, grief and hope, this is one amazing book.

Its an extremely enjoyable book.

The trouble with belief is that it’s not the same as truth.”



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