Campfire Kiss- Movie

I gave it a 4/10.

It is a hallmark movie.I like their movies. I was looking forward to this movie, for Danica McKellar and Paul Greene, I have liked their previous pairing. The movie is funny and sweet.

The movie moves too fast emotionally, the bonding between each other’s kids seems forced and unnecessary so soon

Dylan Kingwell is a very cute arthur. his character has great perspective, different.He is extremely talented.Paul greene is amazing and cute.I always enjoy his movies. Danica plays Dana and portrays every parent’s troubles, how to connect with teens.Danica and paul’s chemistry is sweet.The movie is what it is thanks to the actors and the locations. The actors are all charming and realistic.

The production is nice. The camp is beautiful.The story is a little different than usual hallmark movies but it reminds me of Blended, except campfire does not have nonsensical scenes.

the movie is enjoyable enough to watch once, especially for parents and people with confidence issues.


2 thoughts on “Campfire Kiss- Movie

  1. You seemed to really like it. Said nothing negative about it. Just compliments. Yet you only gave it 4 out of 10 stars.


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