Oasis-Tv Series

I gave it an easy 7.5/10.

The show is very well crafted. The show is full of mystery and thrill.It falls under sci-fi thriller I presume.There are some spooky parts in the show.The pilot leaves us with many a questions. Its so full of mystery, we have no clue what really is going on, the show is intriguing and could easily be binged watched.

Richard Madden plays one of the lead characters Peter, the priest, he is shown to be a great man, plays with kids, serves the poor, has a dying wife he loves, a man of god, although they should have given us some background on him, his profession, his struggle, why he was chosen.All the characters are charming and very well cast.The nudity is handled casually and tastefully.Richard’s accent is cute and his acting sincere, he is incredibly talented and perfect for the role.

Haley Joel osment plays sy, the botanist, he is sincere and cute, acting perfectly as his character, a delight to watch.Anil Kapoor, a superstar in bollywood plays Danish , the ceo of Oasis, he seems shady from the beginning, acting perfectly in his role.Antje traue plays her tough cop perfectly as well. all these accents mixed together add another dimension and diversity to this pilot.

The cinematography is brilliant. The background score is amazing, the songs, the sounds..the sound team is full of experts.The graphics and visuals are perfect.The whole team i must say is amazing and talented.The editing is exquisite and its very well directed.



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