christmas princess – UP Movie

I would give it an 8.5/10.

The movie was slow in the beginning and felt like a documentary, it is based on true events, it is extremely realistic.  the movie shows a simple life, usual stories but it is well executed. it feels so real. all the actors have done a remarkable job. there are some extremely joyful moments and some quite sad. this movie is worth watching this christmas, it is something unique. it makes you think and feel grateful for your family and blessed life.

Nicole Munoz plays Donaly and Donaly’s character is shown to have had such a hard life, it makes me feel so grateful for mine. She does a remarkable job. Jaiden Siewert is sweet playing Abraham the little brother. lina Renna is adorable playing the younger donaly, she is extremely talented. paloma Kwiatkowski plays Chloe and is the ever supporting best friend. The casting is pretty fresh and open-minded.

“just because you share DNA with someone, does not mean you shall make the same choices as them.”

“you are the architect of your own future.”

the movie is very well edited. direction by Allan Harman is impressive. this movie depicts family, strength, and situations we don’t usually fathom. it is beautifully made and a breath of fresh air to watch something other than the usual.


Christmas in evergreen – hallmark movie

I give it a 4.5/10.

A small town Christmas💖 it is so hallmarked and christmasy. Small town myths and traditions are so cute. It always makes me wonder if small towns are really like that. There is something about hallmark movies that makes you feel like Christmas, they just get it right. Their movies are family friendly and the ambiance is perfect.

The location is amazing.the town of evergreen itself feels like Christmas. The movie is not as good as the previous hallmark movies but its good to play in the background. This movie basically brings you Christmas, it has the vibe, the production, and the activities. It is all about Christmas magic and hence the lack of depth isnt very disappointing.

It is nice to see Lynda Boyd who plays Barbara. Jaeda lily miller plays Zoe and is a talented young actress. She is extremely adorable. Good direction by Alex zamm. Ashley Williams plays Allie and teddy sears plays Ryan. They are cute together but their romance seems forced. All of the cast plays their parts pleasantly.Rick has written a story that is slightly unpredictable which is refreshing.

Watch this trailer for Christmas in Evergreen movie and tell us if you like this ‘snowed-in’ story of Allie and Ryan.

Four christmases and a wedding – lifetime movie

I give it a 1.5/10.

Lifetime has gorgeous productions. But it lacks a certain Christmas flamboyance. The movie has every Christmas decor imaginable but from the beginning, the Christmas excitement lacks.

Arielle Kebbell plays Chloe and is a delight although she overacts and results in her character not being charming. Madison Smith plays Ted and he is sweet and handsome. Madison and Arielle have a sweet chemistry in the beginning but it fades eventually. Courtney Richter plays Kate and is beautiful. A movie with her in the lead would be amazing.

The soundtrack is fun.Lifetime movies are a tad bit too long. They really should make them shorter.the movie is quite boring and I had to force myself to watch it. The end is really nice. The movie does take some inspiration from Four Weddings and a funeral and not just with the name.

The movie really is not worth sitting and watching, you could easily find a better Christmas movie.

“These are my walking shoes, I’ll be fine – Rachelle”

switched for christmas- Hallmark Movie

I would give it an easy 8.5/10.

Candace Cameron Bure usually has some really good Christmas movies.candace plays both characters of Chris and Kate really well, she is quite talented. Greg played by Adam Sinclair is charming and handsome, I would love to see him in more movies. tom played by Eion Bailey is a delight. this movie has a good star cast and a fun story. I really enjoyed this movie.the kids are sweet and talented. Lee Friedlander and Tracy Andreen have written a light pleasant movie. Lee has done a well enough job with the direction.

the music score is amazing for this movie, so is the cinematography.the production is gorgeous, it finally makes me feel like Christmas is here. Hallmark Christmas movies are a must, they are a part of Christmas. nobody does Christmas like hallmark.this whole the parent trap thing with Christmas threw in is is different and enjoyable.the movie is funny, pleasant, cheery and a good Christmas movie. after watching a few not so good Christmas movies, I loved this one. it reminds me why I enjoy Hallmark Christmas movies. Candace is the star of this movie and the reason why it is so likable.







A very merry toy story- Lifetime movie

I would give it a 2/10.

The background score for this lifetime movie is really good, it brings all sorts of Christmas feels. the movie begins slow.

melissa joan hart is fun to watch.the sibling love between randy and Connie played by Melissa and dan amboyer is sweet to watch.Billy Gardell plays Roy and it is nice to watch him in a Christmas movie.

there are a few funny scenes.the movie basically has no story, even with an impressive cast, the movie is boring and falls flat.the production is beautiful but the screenplay, direction, everything lacks. its a slow movie without fun, chemistry, and a movies are better when they are light and fun, with so much unnecessary drama, this movie really does not bring in the happy Christmas feel.

Wrapped up in christmas – Lifetime movie

I would give it a 2/10.

The story setting is different. The casting is refreshing. The movie is sweet and charming. A light romance with christmas in the backdrop.

Ashley Santos plays Diane and is gorgeous. There is no chemistry between the lead pair played by Tatyana Ali and Brendan Fehr. The movie progresses slow and gets too boring halfway. This movie is not one for the books. Its best avoided. The background music is amazing. But it does not feel like Christmas nor is it too entertaining.

Finding santa – Hallmark mvoie

I give it a 5/10.

Christmas is all about tradition and Finding Santa starts with Family businesses and tradition. I had missed the presence of Santa in hallmark movies this year, and Finding Santa fills that hole. The store in the movie is a delight. It’s amazing.

Jay Brazeau plays Santa and he is adorable and awesome. eric winter plays Ben white and he is adorable. I love him and it is great seeing him in a movie after so long. Jodie sweeten is unimpressive as Grace.

It is a unique story, unlike anything I have ever seen. it would have helped if the lead characters had any chemistry.The movie progresses slow and what could have been jolly and funny is boring. the movie is quite slow and without any fun scenes or exciting events. a lot of the scenes are so Christmas it’s amazing to watch them. this movie had so much potential but it fails miserably.

the mistletoe inn – hallmark movie

I give it a 5.5/10.

The movie starts a little weird but it is sweet and light.

David Alpay plays Zeke. alicia witt plays Kim. David and Alicia have no chemistry. Lucia guest plays Samantha and is charming.It’s not as engaging or entertaining. David is charming and handsome. His character is sweet and funny.

A movie without chemistry just falls blandly like this one. It is quite boring. Some scenes are really sweet and romantic. The movie is somewhat inspiring but quite a drag. It feels like it has no story, I wonder how people read the book its based on. The movie shows a glimpse into the mind and world of a writer which is pleasant to watch. But it is quite boring and expected, really not worth sitting and watching.

Coming home for Christmas- Hallmark movie

I give it an 8.5/10.

Coming home for Christmas totally gets you in the Christmas mood. It’s making me think I am way behind in putting up my Christmas decorations and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet. This movie is based on a book by Jenny hale.

Danica Mckeller is charming and funny, unlike most of her roles in Hallmark movies. she is a delight to watch, her character Lizzie is so lively. Neal Bledsoe plays Robert and has great chemistry with Danica.Paula shaw plays Pippa and is a badass and amazing in the movie.andrew cavadas plays Gerard and is a delight.

This movie is realistic and fun to watch. This is one of the best hallmark Christmas movies. Must watch for sure.

The movie and location are simply beautiful. Its funny charming and all about Christmas. The movie is a delight. I was so excited for this movie and it did not disappoint. I just wanted to savor this movie. It is simply awesome.The dialogues are spectacular. Its such a Christmas classic I loved it.

a christmas prince- Netflix movie

I gave it a 6/10.

The movie starts off showing a lot of Christmas decor around and it is amazing to watch, especially if you are from a place that has no snow and lights up, you are gonna love the beginning itself.

Ben Lamb plays Richard who is handsome and perfect to be a prince. Honor Kneafsey plays Emily who is sweet.She is extremely talented. Rose Mciver plays Amber/Martha well but the story is the same old. Ben and Rose have adorable chemistry, their scenes together are a total delight. Scenes between Rose and Honor are sweet. The production is impeccable, impressive direction and cinematography.

Many of the scenes are similar to scenes from different movies, there is very little that is unique about this story. The climax, however, does not disappoint.

The mouse does not seem to be handled well and it just makes me curl in sadness and anger, animals should not be manhandled even if its a mouse. I guess I expected more from Netflix, most of the movie is unoriginal but pleasant to watch. royalty, sweet romance and christmas, it is the perfect blend for a fun movie.