Drunk Dial by Penelope ward

I really liked this book.

The book and the story are unexpected. I have always liked Ward’s writing, she writes stories you remember. Her characters are unique and unexpected, her romance is filled with notes and messages, this is similar to her other books but yet different. Its pleasant, exciting and a good book to curl up with if you have liked Ward’s earlier writings. Drunk dial is a must read for this genre, so much fun and happiness is filled in this book. ward is officially one of my fave readers, she creates such an amazing experience, her writing is so beautiful, i am transported to the places, experiences, and situations of the book. Ward is immensely talented.there are many twists in the book you just dont see coming but they are handled well. its a really great book. every book of Ward is a masterpiece i feel. she is such an amazing writer.

rahna is a great character, she is simply amazing, funny, smart just brilliant. rahna and Landon’s chemistry is sizzling, funny, cute and extremely realistic. its like reading a conversation between two real people.
Landon’s character is realistic and different. He is an upstanding guy, someone who makes me reflect that everyone has flaws, you have to accept people as they are, have love in your heart and go with everything else.

This book touches many topics that are rarely written about, Ward’s writing is magical. she really knows what she is doing, her books are always worth reading.


The Hitman’s Bodyguard

I gave this movie a 5/10.

Samuel Jackson is hilarious. Honestly, if you watch this movie, just watch it for him, his timing, expressions, everything is amazing. He is the star of this movie. Elodie Yung is cool as an Interpol agent, not as cold as we expect agents to be but she plays the part ohkay. Salma Hayek is a surprising delight to watch, she is bad ass and awesome. Ryan and Samuel have great chemistry and it is fun to watch them have it out.

It’s a senseless comedy which does make you laugh in some scenes, The background score and music selection is amazing. this movie does entertain you.  The premise itself is quite interesting with a hitman getting a bodyguard. A lot of the computer assisted scenes are very apparent and that takes away the quality of the movie.

The movie is funny in a mindless kind of way.



The good Daughter by Karin Slaughter

To read 528 pages in one sitting is a feat I believe.I have read Slaughter’s books earlier, this one is my favorite by far.

The book started weakly,  but it picked up, the narration was amazing, unexpected plot twists, realistic characters, and situations, I liked the book, it was a worthy read. It is a tragic book but it does leave you feeling satisfied. There were some parts in the book that were not as interesting and it is not a  book I would re read but well it is worth picking up and reading today.

The characters develop while you read, getting better over the years, the different POVs of Charlie and Sam are fun to read, everything gets better, it depicts life so realistically if you like thrillers with drama thrown in, this is the book for you.Charlie was a nice character, strong woman, Sam was successful and determined, they are both amazing characters. All the characters in this book come with a quirk but they make you sit up and notice.Sam’s character was incredibly inspiring.

The story was very well orchestrated, you are constantly thinking how everything links with each other, the next turn of events, although the climax was very predictable. I expected the book to go the legal way, to be all about court and Charlie defending Kelly but the twists surprised me.

It leaves you thinking family is family, shit happens in life but what you do after and how you emerge from it is what matters.


Are you sleeping? by kathleen barber

Basically, this book is a murder mystery but unexpectedly written with drama and suspense, going backward as to not who did it but did he really do it?

Barber has written perfectly as to how people react to sensational news nowadays, not respecting anyone’s feelings or privacy. It also taught me to remember the good days, value how lucky I am to have a happy family and how important it is to forgive and move on, not for others but for your own peace of mind.

Josie’s character is identifiable and Ellen is amazing. I wish there was Lanie’s POV as well, Caleb did not have a great start but he was a really good character. all of the characters are so real and relatable.I liked Lanie a lot more than I liked Josie. she was depicted as strong, so misunderstood.

this book makes me wonder, we never really think of how these old cases being reopened affect the victim’s families, we think there are holes in the evidence and maybe the guy is innocent, we always believe the judicial system did not do its job but why do we not think that maybe it did? maybe the cops, the lawyers, the jury did their job perfectly and years later memories and situations have changed and now that we look at everything, we look at it differently, time changes perceptions, that does not mean the past was wrong. this book really made me think, about family, relations, reactions

this book’s plot and the idea was thrilling and new, nothing like I have read before, she is surely someone to look out for. I just could not stop reading, it is very well-written and edited. her vision for the book has been laid down perfectly. The pace and layout of the book are so well its like you are experiencing it all with josie, like this really is her story and she is telling it to you. i am in love with the author, amazing work.. i loved every second of the book. the author very creatively tuned what could have been a short story to an interesting book..i saw the climax coming from a mile away, it was easy to put the breadcrumbs together, but i still could not stop myself from continuing to read.it was far from the best book i have ever read and is no marvel piece, also not worth the price we pay for it, but it is an entertaining read, unexpected.

You have to take care of the people you love,” she hissed. “Or you lose them


life is a precious thing

i absolutely hated poppy’s character, it just makes you realize how nosy and insensitive journalists are like they are entitled to invade our privacy, to question and say whatever they want about anyone. Just like those youngsters that tormented and stared, that is our world’s reality, we invade and gossip and are nosy whiole being insensitve, we want every one’s busienss to be known and out.
This book really makes you think but it is not something you just have to read, if you find yourself with it, curl up and enjoy, you would not want to put it down.




Jab Harry met Sejal

I give this movie 2.5/10.

It starts funny but by the time it ends, either you have an obligation to sit through the movie or you are already out of the theatre.

A still from Jab Harry Met Sejal.

I found the beginning to be funny, Anushka Sharma is amazing in the movie but it is cringeworthy to see her romancing Shahrukh Khan, I just did not see them as a couple in this movie, post interval you can barely tolerate it, there is unnecessary drama, a movie that could have easily ended in 90 minutes is dragged and dragged.

Imtiaz Ali, is he really the director who gave us Jab we met and rock star? he seems to have lost his path or his art because this in no way feels like the fun meaningful movies he makes.


A still from Jab Harry Met Sejal.


Anushka Sharma is amazing in JHMS, her acting skill is what keeps this movie bearable, she has nailed the Gujarati accent, she is funny and gorgeous,she is the star of this movie, her character, Sejal is hilarious in the beginning, she sticks to her character so perfectly, you would believe sejal is her by the end of the movie.Sejal is a fun character, strong but difficult to identify with.

Shahrukh has acted well I believe, he is, after all, an amazing actor, but their pairing is weird, not even considering the age gap, the romance felt forced.

There were some scenes that were unexpected, but the climax was predictable and it is too long, they dragged it for no reason to add emotional drama which you don’t feel at all while watching, you just want the movie to end.There are too many songs in the movie and although they have shot at so many locations, I wish there could have been better cinematography to show more of these gorgeous cities.

the beginning of the movie is quite funny, their banter and interactions are hilarious, but 20 minutes into the movie and you stop understanding whats going on, why is Sejal acting a certain way, everything in the movie stops making sense.The story of the movie is pretty stupid, Sejal and Harry’s romance seems forced, why could it not have been about friendship? why could they have not been friends instead? or the movie could have been better understood by me if there was a younger actor playing Harry. I just do not see SRK as a romantic actor anymore, it’s really not worth watching.

A still from Jab Harry Met Sejal.





Mom – movie review

I rated it an 8 on 10.

Sridevi has acted amazingly as devki in this movie. She has a brilliant screen presence, her character is inspiring, full of love, positive and a bad ass. she is so intelligent and Sridevi has portrayed it to the T. Sridevi is one of the most brilliant actresses Bollywood has ever seen.


Sridevi’s movies are always worth watching and strike a cord with me. She brings a new character, a new characteristic I should say to every movie and it makes us think, makes us notice.Nawazuddin Siddique plays a different character with a unique look. his character again is someone you like, his acting is spot on, this movie is really enjoyable and worth watching.

Akshay Khanna plays a cop and fits the role perfectly. It was nice to watch him after quite a while.

The movie is unexpected in a lot of ways and keeps surprising you. The movie, however, was a little slow at times. The story had certain gaps in it which come to light when you watch it.

In the end however, it is a movie everyone should watch, the actors are brilliant and so is the concept.




A court of wings and ruin

I was so excited for wings and ruin. I can’t believe I have already read it. I am in the middle of studying for my exams as they befall me and I still could not stop myself from reading it. I have read mist and fury so many times in the past year, I was ecstatic to be back in Rhys and feyre’s world, in prythian.
This book is written so well, the story flows so smoothly, you just cant stop reading. I loved feyre in this one, started to maybe dislike Lucien a little less too,  this books rocks!I was grinning and laughing most of the book. Best characters, best series ever were written. This book gave me tears of joy, it is everything and more. Sarah Maas is a genius. I am in love,. Oh man, you have not lived until you have read this series.

I Just do not know what do with myself after reading this, it is so amazing. The twists that come wreck me, you just do not see so many things coming, so many romances blooming that I can’t wait to see what next year brings.

I love how Maas writes her characters, brave imperfect souls fighting for good, how she brings everyone together, all her characters are so amazing, and her words, her love, everything. The love that is between the characters, the friendships, how they all break and heal together, so inspiring.There were so many characters in this book, but all unique, and every character I shall remember. I loved how every character got enough space and the story was not just focussed on the leads.

”what we think to be our greatest weakness can sometimes be our biggest strength. And… the most unlikely person can alter the course of history.”

I was so emotional during the war, on the brink of crying through all those pages.  I absolutely loved cassian, he is one of the best characters in here, the hand he had been dealt, how he was shown and glorified in this book, his kindness, and love for life, his humility, oh man after this book he maybe my fave character. So many twists in this book that I did not see coming, the unexpected loveliness of this book makes me more in love with this series.there are emotional scenes but nothing that would maybe make you cry, surely break your heart though.So many things happened in this book, so much of what Sarah thought and included, its marvelous, I did not want this book to end ever. I loved how this book was not finished at a cliff hanger, its like I can rest well if the series ended here but this book continues and am so glad for the same.

What I love about maas’s writing is her characters do not have a hero complex, they are not pure and perfect, they are healing and trying, they make mistakes and bad calls, they fight and forgive, they all are relatable and human, inspiring and imperfectly perfect. Her characters make me forgive myself, her characters have saved my life in so many ways, these books, all her books, but especially a court of mist and fury and a court of wings and ruin shall forever remain special to me. They inspire me to be okay with everything I want, do and am, its okay to make decisions that may seem wrong but are right for me, to be okay with your flaws and your strengths, to brave who you are. She has inspired me to understand and know what I want in the love of my life, to love yourself enough to not settle.

I hope I can convey my gratefulness in person someday to her.

If we were villains – book

If we were villains is by M.L.Rio.

I give it 2.5/5.

The cover is intriguing and interesting.
It catches your attention as soon as you look at it, willing you to at least pick it up and check it out.

My heart feels heavy in my chest. Secrets carry weight, like lead.”

The writing lacks emotion, it feels like reading a script, without the actor’s emotions you just wont feel it,
we get attached a little and feel for the actors eventually, especially oliver.
.The book loses me as soon as it starts,I basically skimmed through the earlier pages hoping it gets better.It is an extremely boring beginning, if i did not have this review to write i would have surely stopped reading it and if i had bought this book, i would have regretted spending on it. as interesting as it sounds, as soon as i started reading i was bored and wanted to stop, but i continued, after a few scenes it got interesting and became a drag again, the mystery is not surprising at all but it was an ohkay read, the characters are grey and i started feeling for them eventually, the characters are emotionally complex and they leave you feeling complex. its a very unique book, i have never read anything like this.

“Murder’s as near to lust as flame to smoke.”

“we’re afraid to show people who we really are.
We’re afraid of looking foolish if we reveal the full force of our emotions. But
in Shakespeare’s world, passion is irresistible, not embarrassing”

the writing is really smart, the book as you read the complex characters and the brilliant quotes, it feels like if i finish this book, i am going to be in awe, its going to make me think, there is something about the beautiful quotes here that keeps me glued, like i am going to be rewarded for reading this.This book brought great insight into the world of acting, the hard work actors put in while going through drama school, it seems only fun but it is intense work.

‘Through the
thorns, to the stars.”

the writing isn’t descriptive, the writer has given so many details but i failed to live in the book, i got immersed in the characters but the surroundings i failed to imagine as they were described.the mystery does build up, as to what happened, why was he in prison, how did he get there, it is worth suffering the earlier pages to get in the end. per aspera ad astra.it surely is an unforgettable book. its a different book, but its not something i recommend, it is not something I loved, it has its moments due to the writing and the style of writing which is unique .the mystery was not surprising to me at all.
I cannot put a genre to this book, its full of emotions, puzzling and inspiring as to how we handle our guilt, love, friendships. I really liked the way the book ended, it gave me closure a little anyway,

moonlight in vermont – hallmark movie

I give this movie an 8/10.

Moonlight in Vermont has an interesting story which has been well written.The movie is funny and entertaining at all times. Not once did I want to pry my eyes away from the sizzling couple that Lacey and Carlos portray.

Lacey Chabert plays Fiona who is a super busy caught up in the urban life real estate agent, she brings a spark to every character she plays, and it was a delight to watch her.
Carlo Marks plays Derek,he is cute and super charming to watch, and he and Lacey have great chemistry.They look really cute together.I hope they do more movies in the future together. Their banter is enjoyable.
Elise Gatien plays Hayley and is cute and chirpy in her character.She has a tiny role, but she does not go unnoticed.Fiona broom and Jason Cermak play Angela and Brandon ,it was nice to see their love story progressing in the background.

Timothy Webber plays Chauncey and he has done a remarkable job.

The setting of the inn is beautiful. The soundtrack of this movie is fun. its really well directed. the whole team has done an incredible job.

Offlate, I had been disliking almost every hallmark movie being dished out, but this was a Lacey Chabert movie, gotta watch and how glad am I that I did,

1 Mile to you – movie

This movie is an easy 8.5/10. Its excellent.

The background score is soothing and amazing.The music team has done a great job. The soundtrack of this movie is really cool, all the songs lovely to hear.1 mile to you’s script has been written very well, you enjoy the movie throughout. the scenes are well shot, all the actors have done  agreat job. The concept is unique and interesting, the movie is executed really well.The climax, the ending, all of it is great.  This movie has been adapted from a novel.

Graham rogers plays Kevin and has done an incredible job. He is so believable and excellent.Stefanie scott plays ellie and is cute and again talented. graham and stefanie have really good chemistry and are really cute together.Billy crudup plays his eccentric character quite well, he always makes his characters himself.Liana Liberato plays Henny, she is cute, i have always loved her, it was a surprise seeing her in this movie, but as always she is amazing in her role.

This is one movie you should totally watch. Its really good.