The good Daughter by Karin Slaughter

To read 528 pages in one sitting is a feat I believe.I have read Slaughter’s books earlier, this one is my favorite by far.

The book started weakly,  but it picked up, the narration was amazing, unexpected plot twists, realistic characters, and situations, I liked the book, it was a worthy read. It is a tragic book but it does leave you feeling satisfied. There were some parts in the book that were not as interesting and it is not a  book I would re read but well it is worth picking up and reading today.

The characters develop while you read, getting better over the years, the different POVs of Charlie and Sam are fun to read, everything gets better, it depicts life so realistically if you like thrillers with drama thrown in, this is the book for you.Charlie was a nice character, strong woman, Sam was successful and determined, they are both amazing characters. All the characters in this book come with a quirk but they make you sit up and notice.Sam’s character was incredibly inspiring.

The story was very well orchestrated, you are constantly thinking how everything links with each other, the next turn of events, although the climax was very predictable. I expected the book to go the legal way, to be all about court and Charlie defending Kelly but the twists surprised me.

It leaves you thinking family is family, shit happens in life but what you do after and how you emerge from it is what matters.



Are you sleeping? by kathleen barber

Basically, this book is a murder mystery but unexpectedly written with drama and suspense, going backward as to not who did it but did he really do it?

Barber has written perfectly as to how people react to sensational news nowadays, not respecting anyone’s feelings or privacy. It also taught me to remember the good days, value how lucky I am to have a happy family and how important it is to forgive and move on, not for others but for your own peace of mind.

Josie’s character is identifiable and Ellen is amazing. I wish there was Lanie’s POV as well, Caleb did not have a great start but he was a really good character. all of the characters are so real and relatable.I liked Lanie a lot more than I liked Josie. she was depicted as strong, so misunderstood.

this book makes me wonder, we never really think of how these old cases being reopened affect the victim’s families, we think there are holes in the evidence and maybe the guy is innocent, we always believe the judicial system did not do its job but why do we not think that maybe it did? maybe the cops, the lawyers, the jury did their job perfectly and years later memories and situations have changed and now that we look at everything, we look at it differently, time changes perceptions, that does not mean the past was wrong. this book really made me think, about family, relations, reactions

this book’s plot and the idea was thrilling and new, nothing like I have read before, she is surely someone to look out for. I just could not stop reading, it is very well-written and edited. her vision for the book has been laid down perfectly. The pace and layout of the book are so well its like you are experiencing it all with josie, like this really is her story and she is telling it to you. i am in love with the author, amazing work.. i loved every second of the book. the author very creatively tuned what could have been a short story to an interesting book..i saw the climax coming from a mile away, it was easy to put the breadcrumbs together, but i still could not stop myself from continuing to was far from the best book i have ever read and is no marvel piece, also not worth the price we pay for it, but it is an entertaining read, unexpected.

You have to take care of the people you love,” she hissed. “Or you lose them


life is a precious thing

i absolutely hated poppy’s character, it just makes you realize how nosy and insensitive journalists are like they are entitled to invade our privacy, to question and say whatever they want about anyone. Just like those youngsters that tormented and stared, that is our world’s reality, we invade and gossip and are nosy whiole being insensitve, we want every one’s busienss to be known and out.
This book really makes you think but it is not something you just have to read, if you find yourself with it, curl up and enjoy, you would not want to put it down.




If we were villains – book

If we were villains is by M.L.Rio.

I give it 2.5/5.

The cover is intriguing and interesting.
It catches your attention as soon as you look at it, willing you to at least pick it up and check it out.

My heart feels heavy in my chest. Secrets carry weight, like lead.”

The writing lacks emotion, it feels like reading a script, without the actor’s emotions you just wont feel it,
we get attached a little and feel for the actors eventually, especially oliver.
.The book loses me as soon as it starts,I basically skimmed through the earlier pages hoping it gets better.It is an extremely boring beginning, if i did not have this review to write i would have surely stopped reading it and if i had bought this book, i would have regretted spending on it. as interesting as it sounds, as soon as i started reading i was bored and wanted to stop, but i continued, after a few scenes it got interesting and became a drag again, the mystery is not surprising at all but it was an ohkay read, the characters are grey and i started feeling for them eventually, the characters are emotionally complex and they leave you feeling complex. its a very unique book, i have never read anything like this.

“Murder’s as near to lust as flame to smoke.”

“we’re afraid to show people who we really are.
We’re afraid of looking foolish if we reveal the full force of our emotions. But
in Shakespeare’s world, passion is irresistible, not embarrassing”

the writing is really smart, the book as you read the complex characters and the brilliant quotes, it feels like if i finish this book, i am going to be in awe, its going to make me think, there is something about the beautiful quotes here that keeps me glued, like i am going to be rewarded for reading this.This book brought great insight into the world of acting, the hard work actors put in while going through drama school, it seems only fun but it is intense work.

‘Through the
thorns, to the stars.”

the writing isn’t descriptive, the writer has given so many details but i failed to live in the book, i got immersed in the characters but the surroundings i failed to imagine as they were described.the mystery does build up, as to what happened, why was he in prison, how did he get there, it is worth suffering the earlier pages to get in the end. per aspera ad surely is an unforgettable book. its a different book, but its not something i recommend, it is not something I loved, it has its moments due to the writing and the style of writing which is unique .the mystery was not surprising to me at all.
I cannot put a genre to this book, its full of emotions, puzzling and inspiring as to how we handle our guilt, love, friendships. I really liked the way the book ended, it gave me closure a little anyway,

Unfiltered – Book

I absolutely loved Unfiltered: NO shame, no regrets, Just me, by Lily Collins.Every sentence was inspiring, sent it to a friend to read as well. I am so recommending this book for every girl out there.

The realness of this book hits you in the first chapter itself. Her insecurities, her ups and downs are inspiring cz she realized the wrongs and rights and moved on. her words are motivating.
she really has shared her troubles making us realize a gorgeous actress like herself suffers through a lot of things commoners go through as well.
her book is truly a gift to us girls.
“The world is made up of all kinds of people and I’m not always going to get along with everyone. As long as I know that I have the choice in how I interact with them and to what degree I allow them to affect me, they can’t dampen my spirit or turn off my light.”
It makes you stand up and notice the injustices happening around you, who deserves your love, who doesnt, how you are being treated, it makes you respect yourself a little it more.

“Healing is an ongoing process, and I will be working through my disorders for the rest of my life. But I know now that there is a greater happiness to be attained in this world: the happiness of enjoying myself to the fullest during the one life I have and accepting myself for who I am while I’m living it.”

i think i have saved basically every sentence in this book. Its like a self help book but better. You can relate to everything. I loved her writing, Lily Collins is so much more than just an actress.Its the first time an actress I feel has come forward sharing her struggles and such personal matters.

“Forgiving myself is just as important as forgiving others.”

“It starts with me. In order to accept the love I deserve from someone else, I must truly believe that I am worthy of it. And I am. And I’ll never let anyone tell me differently.”


Hunted by Meagan Spooner

“We always know before the change comes—but we never know what the change will bring.”

Meagan’s writing is beautiful, but her storytelling is really boring. She is a talented writer, but her story does not stand out.When I started this book, after the introduction, i had huge expectations of this book, but it leads to disappointment.

This book is a rendition of Beauty and the Beast.Yeva’s POV is boring, and I skipped many sentences getting to the dialogues. The beast ‘s POV is interesting and I looked forward to it.Its not a book I would recommend or read again.Some scenes with beauty and the beast together are sweet, the book gets interesting after 100 pages but not interesting enough, the climax was below par.Its a realistic sort of version of the story but we do not get attached to the characters, we do not feel with them, her writing is not descriptive enough or emotional enough.

Its a different Beauty and the Beast, but not a world you get immersed in, just a story you read.

rebel of the sands- book

I really liked this book.

There were some twists that I could predict, some were so unexpected. I have never read a middle eastern based book before, so that was interesting. I liked amani’s character, she fought for herself always.

Apparently all sorts of sexist things are coming my way to read and watch, the sexist nature of this book is mind churning, its sort of like a  Muslim community based, so many wives, no say to girls, it is nice to come across characters that are badass girls who are just as good as guys, even better. Amani stood up for herself against everyone making decisions for her, she bravely escaped into an unknown world.

Alwyn did a good job writing, the place, the dessert felt real. Not all the characters stood out, but it was fun to read. Some characters broke my heart. Hamilton should invest in the characters more, make us relate to them, give them distinct traits, so we always remember them. She has made the place come alive, but not the characters. I loved Jin and Amani’s scenes, but they lacked passion. You don’t feel the book. At first, it is hard to keep up with the magical creatures, but with stories incorporated, I finally started understanding them.

The layout of the book is quite well. The book moves at the correct pace. I liked Ahmed’s rebels, their introduction, most of them being girls was fantastic.

 Aunt Farrah always said I didn’t seem to mind proving myself dumb if it meant proving someone else wrong. 



The great hunt by wendy higgins

I liked this book, email me at a for your own copy.

Since the second book releases next week, i got around to reading this one last night. I liked their world, princess aerity , paxton , the writer has come up with really fun characters that are so interesting to read. I loved how paxton and aerity were attracted to each other from the first moment. I hope to see more of their story in the final book.

There are some twists that you dont expect at all,some that break your heart but the writer patches em up, i am sure the second book is going to be just as good a read.

The book is rather slow in the beginning but it gets fun as soon as the hunt starts,The cover could have been better, even the second book does not have a great cover. I like the chivalry and protocal from this era. this is the first time i come across a character that is into acrobats and thats interesting to see, especially when so many people have been doing aerial yoga this past year.

Tiern is amazing, i loved his character from the get go. I hope we are introduced to someone for harrison as well, otherwise the couplings in this book were perfect.

“Is it so hard to believe I’d prefer to be alone? I’m certain every eligible man in the kingdom would fall over his boot strings for a chance to ride behind your royal arse, but I am not one of them.”

Paxton and aerity’s exchanges are fun to read. i love the sassy bickering between characters. Paxton is extremely interesting and layered. I am looking forward to see what the writer does with him in the final book.

the book starts amazingly, the next few chapters were dragged ut understandably. Wyneth is complicated but she appealed to me, princess vixie was so real, wendy higgins is a really good writer, i have read her books before and enjoyed them , she really brings her characters to life. She is extremely talented.

The book is enjoyable.

“The late afternoon was gorgeous—warm and clear—as if Mother Nature were trying to make up for the abominable beast she’d created.
You’ll have to do better than that, Aerity thought.”



King’s cage- Book

 It was an okay book, the previous books have been better as I remember. I did think this was the last book, so it was kind of a disappointment to realize there is one more year to wait. Maven was fascinating, this book felt long and satisfying. The characters were well built,  I do like maven and mare better together, what’s wrong with me?

Victoria did a good job, giving us enough time with maven and mare, the conversations, the insight, the war, everything was good. The insight into maven’s head, into Evangeline’s, I still can’t hate maven.

Mare is not in love with Maven, and I am sure she is going to be the one to kill him, and it will kill me. I understand cal’s and mare’s love, but Cal does not have that passion for mare,
the parts where Maven tells us how his mother destroyed him, on why he is the way he is, it moved me, that is the reason any of us feel any pity for him, he was not born evil, he was just made empty, this book is magnificent, the characters are fantastic, This book won’t be my favourite but I did enjoy reading it a lot.

I loved this line-

“I’m not a fool, little lightning girl. If you’re going to play in my head, I’m going to play in yours. It’s what we’re good at.”
“Somewhere in the distance, somewhere in my bones, thunder rolls.”

This book had everything, politics, imprisonment, love, hatred, twisted betrayals, terror, everything, so many new characters, I remembered glass sword and shade, my heart went out every time he was mentioned, I loved him, broke my heart for Farley.

“The pain makes you stronger. Love makes you weak.”

Maven, i do agree is great at being a king, evil but his strategies, his wanting of mare, his decisions, everything, the villain here, maven is simply heart breaking, victoria aveyard is a genius. Mare’s character is deep and wise in this book, she thinks through, feels for others, is smarter and less selfish, she knows what she wants and when to stand up for herself. i love her sassiness.
Cal is too soft, too nice probably, i dont think i would be able to forgive him for marrying evangeline, he saved mare but he broke her as well.

The part with mare and cal was sweet, her family, kilorn is awesome! the training everything, it was sweet and refreshing from all the war and punishments.

evangeline and elaine’s love, her love for her brother tolly, i loved the chapters from her viewpoint, she is stuck doing things she does not want to. i hope her parents die and she and her brother get to rule, i hope she stands up for her love.

“Be the best, the strongest, the smartest, the most deadly and the most cunning. The most worthy. And I was everything.”

Evangeline, everything that happens to her also breaks my heart, all the politics that all these characters have to endure, i wish this world was simpler, where beautiful naive hearts could exist. Farley is someone i aspire to be, she is badass, when she stands up in front of her father, whoa! man she has guts and a spine. When mare bonds with julians’ books, turns out i do not like anabel, she is a bitch, she is a grandmother and wants whats best for her grandson but still a silver bitch, sara and everyone is great, her voice comes back yay! I like evangeline’s mother’s ability, she is badass, evil but animals are such a cool power to have, Davidson i had reservations about him but he won my heart during the war.

I did not exactly identify with cameron, but it brought a different take on this book, where everyone was power hungry and all casual in a way about killing, cameron, a kid and powerful, but unwilling to be in a war. I wish i could read the last book a little sooner, waiting for another year, to know how it all goes down, another year without this world, damn.

This is a great series, definitely a must read for people who like YA Fantasy.