moonlight in vermont – hallmark movie

I give this movie an 8/10.

Moonlight in Vermont has an interesting story which has been well written.The movie is funny and entertaining at all times. Not once did I want to pry my eyes away from the sizzling couple that Lacey and Carlos portray.

Lacey Chabert plays Fiona who is a super busy caught up in the urban life real estate agent, she brings a spark to every character she plays, and it was a delight to watch her.
Carlo Marks plays Derek,he is cute and super charming to watch, and he and Lacey have great chemistry.They look really cute together.I hope they do more movies in the future together. Their banter is enjoyable.
Elise Gatien plays Hayley and is cute and chirpy in her character.She has a tiny role, but she does not go unnoticed.Fiona broom and Jason Cermak play Angela and Brandon ,it was nice to see their love story progressing in the background.

Timothy Webber plays Chauncey and he has done a remarkable job.

The setting of the inn is beautiful. The soundtrack of this movie is fun. its really well directed. the whole team has done an incredible job.

Offlate, I had been disliking almost every hallmark movie being dished out, but this was a Lacey Chabert movie, gotta watch and how glad am I that I did,


Love at First bark – hallmark movie

My score is a 2/10.

The movie progresses real slow. From the beginning itself, it does not pique my interest. I feel the movie has no real story, a new dog owner falling for the dog trainer, boring old concept. With an interesting script, it could have been entertaining but it was not.

Jana Kramer and Kevin Mcgarry star in this movie. They have both played their characters well but have no chemistry. Their interactions have no sass or fun or entertainment even.

Its quite a boring movie. Hallmark movies off late have been losing their touch. Up until a couple of years ago, the quality of hallmark movies was much better, they were worth watching and now they are just what you would play in the background while you are busy with something else.

Murder she baked just desserts-hallmark movie

I would give it a 5.5/10.

we dive into the mystery from the get go.The background music is good.It starts as an interesting movie, building up and keeping us guessing but then it becomes like the usual hallmark murder mysteries and bam we have the killer and this one did not touch me emotionally at all.

I lost all interest when the murder investigation started.The cat’s name was weird.


The Birthday Wish- Movie review

I gave it a 5 on 10.

Its different from what I expected. Peter Deluise, the director, has done a satisfactory job. Jessy Schram as Gwen is sweet, Luke MacFarlane as Dave is so cute, Marcus rosner as Alex plays the douche convincingly,


Photo published for Luke Macfarlane (Killjoys) Stars in Birthday Wish (Hallmark Channel)

Its a sweet movie could be watched if you have nothing to watched, the love story is sweet, Luke is simply amazing, watch it for him. The whole aspect of it is not believable, the extra characters are sidelined and not given any footage, basically its a gwen show.


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a royal winter- hallmark movie review

a royal winter is a pleasant and sweet movie. in a typical hallmark winterfest special, this is a romance between a misunderstood prince and a nice american girl.Merritt Patterson  plays maggie, and is well suited for the role. sarah , rhea bailey is a sweet and a great friend character.cian barry plays felix.

the soundtrack of the movie is amazing.


Jack Donnelly is cute as the prince adrian.

Samantha Bond is the queen and plays the character convincingly. this is a sweet one time watch.

i would give it a 5/10.