Mom – movie review

I rated it an 8 on 10.

Sridevi has acted amazingly as devki in this movie. She has a brilliant screen presence, her character is inspiring, full of love, positive and a bad ass. she is so intelligent and Sridevi has portrayed it to the T. Sridevi is one of the most brilliant actresses Bollywood has ever seen.


Sridevi’s movies are always worth watching and strike a cord with me. She brings a new character, a new characteristic I should say to every movie and it makes us think, makes us notice.Nawazuddin Siddique plays a different character with a unique look. his character again is someone you like, his acting is spot on, this movie is really enjoyable and worth watching.

Akshay Khanna plays a cop and fits the role perfectly. It was nice to watch him after quite a while.

The movie is unexpected in a lot of ways and keeps surprising you. The movie, however, was a little slow at times. The story had certain gaps in it which come to light when you watch it.

In the end however, it is a movie everyone should watch, the actors are brilliant and so is the concept.





10 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s day is on 10th May 2015.

Your mother, deserves to be appreciated and pampered, all her life, but especially on a day dedicated to her.

Here are some suggestions on my part-

1. Breakfast in Bed.


If your mom loves breakfast as soon as she wakes up, its a great idea to surprise her first thing in the morning.

2.Give her a one day vacation.

Hire a cook for a day, or order delivery all day. Give her a rest from chores all Day.

3. Picnic

If your mum loves roaming out , take her to a picnic, a park, shopping, movie, whatever her thing is. Treat her to a spa day, let her let her hair down for once.


4. Get her flowers. Most women love fresh scented beautiful Flowers.

images (1)

5.Make her a Hamper. Full of chocolates, perfume, bath bombs, items that she adores.

download (1)

6.A jewelry item. A sweet little pendant or a heavy duty necklace. Whatever suits your mum’s taste and your budget.


7. A subscription.

You can get her a subscription to beauty bags, magazines or any item that she likes.


You can never go wrong with a beautiful saree or a hip kurti. A.A chic dress or a funky skirt.

download (2)

9.A book

if your mum is one of those who are constantly learning or enjoy a good fiction novel, get her a book.

you can hardly go wrong with a lovely book.

10.A card

Make her a sweet little card, or get her a funny giant one.A card about how much you love her, since that’s all she really wants anyway.


Have  a great Mother’s Day y’all !