Summer brings with it yearnings of lazy afternoons at the pool, soaking the sun with a chilled screwdriver and a witty book.
Summer brought with it the nostalgia of a childhood gone by, of summers spent at my uncle’s house with a dozen cousins running around. Summers where we visited relatives and guests graced our house,
Summers filled with mangoes and sherbets, books and ice creams,
sunny days with nothing to do but make memories.

Summers that were spent playing carrom and antaksharis,
That were spent riding in cycle rickshaws, giggling at passer-bys,
summers spent in libraries and museums,
summers spent running behind the kulfi wala and binge drinking coca cola.
Summers spent watching movies all afternoon,
Playing football and cricket in the scorching sun.
Summer is a time to relive our childhood memories, summer is a time to make new ones,
Summers, are they not always happy for everyone?