Mirrors to our soul

Eyes..the windows to our soul,
the swollen pearls after you have cried the night,
the overflowing joy in them when you realize you are loved,
the pain they hide,
the happiness they portray,
the love that flows through them,
the beauty that they are and the beauty that they help us capture.
eyes betray us when we lie,
they mirror our heart and soul,
the lake reflects truthfully whom so ever peers into them,
our eyes, reflect who we are despite our attempts to not let it show.



These are some beautiful quotes i recently read in poems and books…

“Sweet still,but now not red,

was the shut mouth where men lived and died.”


“Feeling my love in all her limbs and hair,
And shed between her eyelids through her eyes.”


“ready or not, life goes on…”


“laughter kindles at the heart of hell.”



“For till the thunder in the trumpet be,
Soul may divide from the body, but no we
One from another,I hold thee with my hand,
I let mine eyes have all their will of thee,
I seal myself upon thee with my might,
Abiding alway out of all men’s sight
until God loosen over sea and land
the thunder of the trumpets of the night.”