Mirrors to our soul

Eyes..the windows to our soul,
the swollen pearls after you have cried the night,
the overflowing joy in them when you realize you are loved,
the pain they hide,
the happiness they portray,
the love that flows through them,
the beauty that they are and the beauty that they help us capture.
eyes betray us when we lie,
they mirror our heart and soul,
the lake reflects truthfully whom so ever peers into them,
our eyes, reflect who we are despite our attempts to not let it show.


Moment of truth

A moment you have always dreamt of is happening,

your dreams are going to come true,

you have a family that supports you, that adores you,

you are a princess to your father and a doll to your mother,

you have friends who will go wild with you,

many who are always for you,

your intuition tells you to beware of one,

your heart leads you into a mistake,

it dampens your moment, your excitement,

you pull yourself up, you slay your sadness, you realize,

your dream is happening, your friends and family still with you,

nothing hampers you,

it will be a wild moment, a genuine memory, a once in a lifetime.



A gorgeous poem

The Things I Learned as a Bartender

by Tricia McCallum (Goodreads Author)

There is no such thing as the perfect martini.
Jazz musicians make lousy tippers.
A couple can walk in fighting and after two shots of tequila
hold each other for dear life on the dance floor
like they did in high school.

A woman doesn’t notice her date’s drink order
as much as how he treats the waitress.
No matter how cool the pickup line
women want kind.
Even with nothing to gain
people can be small and mean.

A table of plastic surgeons
can be more obnoxious, abusive, than
a convention of professional wrestlers.
The plain girl alone at the end of the bar
has an achingly beautiful story
no one will hear.
The busboy with the bad skin.
His will also go untold.

Some people cannot be reached.
The hulking cab driver
who climbed the back stairs for his double cheeseburger
every night at 8:30, month after month,
stayed mute, no eye contact. He’d pay with a twenty
and wave away the change.
Leave without a word.
From him I learned
it’s impossible to imagine
all the damage done