What defines a relaxed sunday?

Sunday is synonymous with chilling out. Sunday is the only weekend most people get here in India.
Imagine a light, breezy Sunday, waking up late in the morning, lazily getting ready to be out and about in town, traveling for hours, hanging out with your best friend talking about nothing over the tastiest food. There is another joy in getting unexpected gifts, in being cared for, realizing that you are loved, doing stupid things and laughing about them later, realizing how far you have come from the person you used to be.
It is a mixed feeling is it not? When you are annoyed and grateful for something, like when parents care for you, they worry and annoy you with their rules and advice, but they only want what is best for you. It also is unexplainable feeling when you realize how old you are, independent to make decisions, free to do whatever it is you want yet burdened by responsibilities, wiser to know what battles to fight for.
Meditation is different for different people. For some, cooking may feel like meditating, being absorbed in the art of creating something, for me, it is driving around, listening to music, feeling the breeze on my face, deep in thoughts reflecting upon the world.
There is another joy of getting to know someone, opening up, revisiting sad and happy memories of life. Is that why we like meeting new people? The excitement of getting to know a new person? is that why the human library has become such a successful thing?


Weekend wonder

Aloha peeps! Here are some things that caught my eye this week.

This article by BuzzFeed is amazing. Some things truly are so smart. Like wow, whoever thought of this, is so rad!

The Trip by Bindaas is a web series that brings out 10-minute videos weekly. It’s so much fun, the music, the girls, Lisa Haydon really can’t act, but the rest of the characters are amazing. Its a great web series.

Slammed by colleen hoover is a great book. like wow, I have read the first 2 in the series but slammed is amazing.

This amazing slam by a girl, it is heart-shattering. do watch.


Have a great weekend


What are your plans this weekend?

Hope you guys had a great mother’s day.I have my usual 8 hour graphology class on saturday and sunday.

I might meet a friend for dinner later on saturday. i look forward to learning more about the science of handwriting this weekend.

Here are a few fun posts i loved this week-

1. This girl used Tinder for free pizzas.

2. Great spring style ideas.

3. I have started incorporating This. Would you?

4. Great idea.

5. Met Gala pictures by Humans of New york. Oh! how much i loved reading it.

6.What a brilliant idea!

7. Do you need a denim update?

8. Spring bag trends.

9. An interesting interview of a traveler.

10. This man’s photo album is a rocker.

Have a Great weekend

I am unwell and so is B,one of my guinea pigs hence i am gonna stay home, care for him and me all weekend. Hope you guys have a lot of plans this weekend.The odd couple premiered this week, i have always enjoyed Matheew Perry, he is a genuinely good actor and i look forward to this show as one of my favourite comedies Two and a Half men wrapped up this week,i shall miss it. comment down below if you liked it too.

Here are some things around the internet i liked this week

1. I have been loving playing whisper with family and friends. Here are some statements to go with it
Whisper is a game where one person wears headphones and plays really loud music while the other whispers various sentences and the first person has to guess them.

2.For those of you looking to write a job description , this is a great article on writing one.

3. We all have long distant friends and some who live near yet we don’t meet that often. this is a great article on how to keep your friendship strong. it really does work.

4.How to buy fresh flowers I dont know why i never thought of it before.

5.A quick tip on introducing people. are you one of those who goes, “hey, meet my sister janice.”
Well, this tip is for you. One should always start the introduction with the name, such as “hey, this is Janice, my sister.”
This way the focus remains on the person and not your relationship to the person.

6.Here is a great bridal shower game

7.If you are new to blogging, here are some recommendations . I am looking to read them and if you have read any, do comment. i would love to hear your thoughts.

BTW did you guys happen to catch HTGAWM… Rebecca is shady! OMG!
TVD.. Caroline has gone rogue!
Greys..i was looking forward to amelia and owen together so it was a treat 🙂
Scandal..Olivia being mad at fitz?i did not see that coming!
PLL…how hot was emily dancing! and such a great friend. i liked how they showed you have to be so much more to win a beauty contest.i am also glad Mike is not Involved with A. and could mona be alive?like they showed the body but yet could she be alive?

Well that’s it folks, catch ya guys later 🙂