Tanhaiyan Hotstar series

I gave it an 8/10.

I watched it last night, in one sitting, it is interesting and catchy, the background score is great, surbhi Jyoti is amazing, the costumes are wow, and the characters are okay, predictable and stereotypical but well executed. The sets are magnificent, and the quality of the production is movie like. The run time is 2 hours 15 mins, and I feel this is basically a movie presented as a series, there is a song, heartbreak, and a good enough story. Barun sobti as haider is handsome, charming, loved the way he performed his dialogues, he is not a good actor, and you can see that during his more emotional scenes. Surbhi Jyoti is amazing, she brought the whole thing alive, she is immensely talented. I have been looking forward to this show for months and well after finally watching it last night, it was splendid, we need more such series. Hotstar’s quality is the best, their servers are fantastic, it would not have been as much fun watching it on tv as it was watching it on hotstar. Gul Khan has done a fantabulous job on the production and Gorky m. has directed it well.

You just can’t stop watching after one episode, it keeps you hanging, the dialogues between haider and Meera are full of sass and keep you hooked.The casting is perfect, there is no mystery or twist involved, you can pretty much guess the end after a few episodes.I loved how death , its pain, and guilt are portrayed here. Meera’s character is wow, she is amazing.

This show leaves you with a smile and satisfaction.The series is very well edited and executed. its like a team of gems came together to make this show, although the dance sequence could have been avoided, it was badly choreographed, the song was a waste, the singing scene, where Meera sings for everyone was crucial to the storyline but again could have been better, these were my fast forward places.

If you feel like watching a hindi MODERN ROMANTIC DRAMA , GO FOR THIS. its a 21st century love story, portraying everything we go through.


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