If we were villains – book

If we were villains is by M.L.Rio.

I give it 2.5/5.

The cover is intriguing and interesting.
It catches your attention as soon as you look at it, willing you to at least pick it up and check it out.

My heart feels heavy in my chest. Secrets carry weight, like lead.”

The writing lacks emotion, it feels like reading a script, without the actor’s emotions you just wont feel it,
we get attached a little and feel for the actors eventually, especially oliver.
.The book loses me as soon as it starts,I basically skimmed through the earlier pages hoping it gets better.It is an extremely boring beginning, if i did not have this review to write i would have surely stopped reading it and if i had bought this book, i would have regretted spending on it. as interesting as it sounds, as soon as i started reading i was bored and wanted to stop, but i continued, after a few scenes it got interesting and became a drag again, the mystery is not surprising at all but it was an ohkay read, the characters are grey and i started feeling for them eventually, the characters are emotionally complex and they leave you feeling complex. its a very unique book, i have never read anything like this.

“Murder’s as near to lust as flame to smoke.”

“we’re afraid to show people who we really are.
We’re afraid of looking foolish if we reveal the full force of our emotions. But
in Shakespeare’s world, passion is irresistible, not embarrassing”

the writing is really smart, the book as you read the complex characters and the brilliant quotes, it feels like if i finish this book, i am going to be in awe, its going to make me think, there is something about the beautiful quotes here that keeps me glued, like i am going to be rewarded for reading this.This book brought great insight into the world of acting, the hard work actors put in while going through drama school, it seems only fun but it is intense work.

‘Through the
thorns, to the stars.”

the writing isn’t descriptive, the writer has given so many details but i failed to live in the book, i got immersed in the characters but the surroundings i failed to imagine as they were described.the mystery does build up, as to what happened, why was he in prison, how did he get there, it is worth suffering the earlier pages to get in the end. per aspera ad astra.it surely is an unforgettable book. its a different book, but its not something i recommend, it is not something I loved, it has its moments due to the writing and the style of writing which is unique .the mystery was not surprising to me at all.
I cannot put a genre to this book, its full of emotions, puzzling and inspiring as to how we handle our guilt, love, friendships. I really liked the way the book ended, it gave me closure a little anyway,


The Great Pursuit- Book

I liked the book.

There were some twists in the book that I did not see coming at all, some were too basic like this happens every time in every book but the ending was sweet, it was a feel good book. I loved the ending, it’s like I could not put the book down in the last few chapters, Wendy is a great writer, I could picture the emotions, the chaos. But the characters were pretty dumb, every time they walked into a trap I was like no don’t do this, and they would, and I mean most of the twists especially in the climax were dumb and predictable.

Most of the books, after you catch on the story after a year, you struggle to remember the story, the characters, here, Wendy has put in a sort of a recap in the first chapter which was actually great.

I really liked Vixie and Tiern together, they make such a cute couple. Lord Alvi was surprising and sincere, my feelings for him were all over the place, but I liked him. Harrison and aerity, their friendship is so amazing, I really liked Harrison’s character he is so sincere as well.Wyneth is nice as well. These princesses are shown as brave and yet real, all these killings have a drastic effect on them. Aerity was a great queen, It was annoying to see the king’s council, backward, stuck up opinions, the world needs young leaders. I liked that both the princesses fell for lashed guys.

The book’s ending is sweet. Paxton was not my favorite character in this book, but his scenes with aerity, aye there are some, were sweet.

Overall, an excellent read, like you’ll enjoy.




Just the way you are by sanjeev ranjan review

I took up the April challenge by The Sunday Book Club and was given this book to read.

Indian romantic fiction is just not my genre, with reluctance I ordered this book and delayed reading for a week.

It’s a small book which I happened to finish in two days.

I have not read anything by the author before and if he continues this genre which seems to be his forte, I might not read anything in the future by him.

This book actually taught me nothing except for a quote by Thomas Edison ‘ disasters are good as they give us a chance to begin again.”

It’s a love story between a guy and a girl, more than that its actually the story of the guy, his quest to find love. The author tries hard so we would emphathise and sympathise with the main character but in vain, the guy Sameer, just seems desperate and then heartbroken and damaged. He eventually finds a girl who understands him and loves him. His story narrated while the girl, now his wife, shagun reads his diary. The first half of the book is sheer waste and torture to read, the second half however is still bearable and better.The book gets better as the guy starts to be at peace with himself and stops his desperate attempts to interact with girls.

The language is hinglish, grammar could have been better. There are many typos and missing words.

The book is very poorly edited and proof read. You would expect a better job from random house, but they really fail on their part.

Its not a literature marvel and is certainly not a book that you would like to pass on, I read it as a challenge and would not want to take another up as they suggest such classless books to be read.

If you like Indian romantic fiction, you shall find it interesting but if you ae not someone  who understands the desperation of unrequited love, this is so not the book for you.